17 August 2010

New Art for a new school new year+

It's a new school year and I finally took some pictures of my new students artwork at my new school!

The red, yellow, blue square artwork was Kindergarten. They saw pictures of Piet Mondrian's artwork, and as explained to them, much like the artist, were only allowed to use squares in their pictures and only the 3 colors! :)
 It was very apparent that MANY of my students have had the type of home life where their parents have not shown them how to use a glue stick! I lost 3 from one class because of the smushing and breakage!

Next, is art from a 1st grade group. TRACING around the Tracer was quite the concept. Many struggled with this. The ripping paper for the seaweed which is usually hard for students, they actually got that no problem! We talked about the parts of a fish, how they breathe, etc etc. And added some glitter and the finishing touch!

All in all, not a bad start.



  1. I love the square artwork :)

    The pictures in your header are too cute!

  2. You redid you page!!! I LOVE IT!!! So cute :)

  3. how cute!!!

    my mom named each of her tables after famous artists, and so the students learn lots of artist names by the time they finish 5th grade. one of her tables is Mondrian :)


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