25 August 2010

"just friends"

So I came home from a long day of teaching to some great posts from fellow bloggers yesterday. You go girls! Needless to say I spent much of my evening reading everyone's posts!

Fellow Blogger Brittney @http://runninginhiheels.blogspot.com/
has a great post on men and women and they can or cannot just be "friends".

I couldn't help but think of When Harry Met Sally. I LOVE that movie.

Part 1 of the Just friends banter between Harry and Sally.


Part 2

My stance?

I agree with Harry. His whole view everything when he tells Sally that Men and Women can't be "just friends" because there is always some sexual tension that gets in the way. Agreed.
I have a few "guy friends" that in fact, have admitted that they are/were attracted to me, and thus that just added fuel to the fire of this so called friendship. The fuel is usually added when you also in fact, as the girl, find your guy friend good looking!

And of course there are the guy friends that you AREN'T attracted to, but they are to you. This can either pose it's self as a problem if the guy friend admits it to you, or he doesn't admit it, but you so can totally tell.

And I'll  be honest, I've encountered a few handsome men, who thankfully have girlfriends, but none of the less, am attracted to. BUT, it's never more than just that. No actions are taken. Maybe this just falls along the lines of a crush.

The only guy friends I have today,  are in fact married, (and most are my college guy friends) so therefore anything other than "just friends" isn't an option!

Watch for yourself. then tell me.....Can Men and Women really truly just be "friends"?



  1. I like to think that men and women can be JUST friends.... but I also think the best relationships are the ones that come from a friendship.

    one of my guy friends has a theory, that guys and girls can only be friends after they've already hooked up/dated. hahaha. not sure if I agree!

  2. haha!! thanks for the comment!! I have no clue what we wouldve done if we couldnt put it back together!! we just banked on being able to!

    Im your newest follower and look forward to reading!! chao!

  3. I don't think they can...i'm with you...there's always attraction!


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