14 August 2010

Eat Pray Love

Well how many of you went and saw it!? EAT PRAY LOVE. It was fantastic! This is the first time I can actually say that I loved the movie more than the book. I NEVER say that! It's always the book that is better! Reading Eat Pray Love wasn't an easy read for me. To be quite honest, I think I wrote about it earlier in a post, but I was Bored! Esp when she goes to India and struggles with her praying bit. Thankfully the movie didn't do that at all! 
Julia Roberts as I expected was TIMELESS. She is just so beautiful. She is what hollywood glam is about. Poised. Perfect. We are so lucky to watch someone with such talent on the big screen.

Couldn't drag Mister Wonderful to this. Not sure you'd want to bring a hubby or boyfriend to this. Go with some girlfriends. 

{All images via google cept the movie stub is mine!}


  1. Oh good! Im planning on going tomorrow with my mom and sister... I was kinda aprehensive about it bc I thought the book was terribly boring!!

  2. Weren't the sets amazing?! I wanna visit all those places!


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