03 August 2010

To all the single ladies!

This is for my blog buddy SOLE MATTERS. See blog here.

She often blogs about her trials and tribulations of being single, and not meeting good guys!

Hang in there girl, when your time is right, you WILL meet mister right! I had a boyfriend for 4 years whom I thought was "the one". We were on totally different pages at the end of the 4 yr run, and parted ways. I was heartbroken. I was single for 4 years after that! I dated guys don't get me wrong, but none of them were a boyfriend. Then one day, randomly Mister Wonderful came along and the single-ness ended. Keep your chin up! :)


  1. thanks again for this sweet and light post. :)

  2. This is so cute!!! And yes... @Sole Matters... You are a gem and Mr. Right is still perfecting himself so that he can be your night in shining armor when you meet him! XO!


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