06 August 2010

Girl Crush

Alright ladies. I know you all have one. Who is your girl crush? And I mean that in a totally NON SEXUAL way! You know, a girl crush! As in, someone you just are in AWE of. Admire. Think is the shiznitz. So gorgeous that if she were a dude, you'd be into her. haha. You know what I mean.

My Girl crush {1}
Sara Jean Underwood.

In case you don't know who she is, Sara was often seen on The Girls Next Door. She is a playboy playmate and won Playmate of the year a few years back in 07. I LOVE her hair. Some say she kinda has the same hair style as me. ..:::I WISH!!!:::...

Girl Crush {2}
Marisa Miller
I wish I had the drive to work my body out as much as this girl does. She works out like every day. Plus Surfs, and boxes. She's been married twice. I love her body. I think she has a real woman figure. If you notice, the girl is quite wide across her hips and I think that is awesome she isn't some stick with no curves (even though she is a size 2 ) ha.

Okay spill it! Who's your girl crush!?


  1. {1} Kate Beckinsale
    {2} Marisa Miller - i want her HAIR!!!

  2. I have developed a serious girl crush on Jenna Dewan, the girl from the first Step Up movie. Did you know she ended up marrying Channing Tatum? I think they are the most adorable couple :)

  3. I totally love these gilrls.. and kate beckinsale and ashley greene and sandra bullock.

  4. I love love love marisa miller- she's beautiful! my other girl crush would have to be carrie underwood!

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  6. @ Julie- Yes I knew Channing married Jenna they are adorable together agreed!!! I love that they aren't in the lime light either which shows that their relationship isn't for show!

    And I def heart Carrie Underwood she is totally the girl next door..Same with Jessica Simpson cept I wouldn't want her big boobs lol

  7. I love Marisa Miller too!! She is gorgeous.

  8. SOO FUNNY! You have good taste missy!
    I would agree with Sara and Marissa as my top too!

  9. i think adriana lima is so hot. the chick just oozes sex. i also like carrie underwood.


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