19 August 2010

Sweet Valley High Ten Yrs Later

I was Blog surfing and I totally saw another blog who much like myself, had no idea that the awesome Francine Pascal is going to be releasing a book of the Famous Wakefield Twins from The Sweet Valley High/Sweet Valley University series!

I am SO super excited about this. I think  I blogged a previous post not to long ago about how I was mildly obsessed with the series growing up. I had EVERY book in the high school/university series. 
Elizabeth was my favorite. I loved how she always had the serious boyfriend...from Todd her hs BF to Tom her college bf. ..:::sigh:::.. I am sooo wondering what happens ten years later!!! 

I loved the old circular covers....I wasn't to crazy about the newly redid covers.

here's a university book. I am pretty upset that I got rid of all the books. Well, I don't think  had a choice. see, when you leave for college, you have to say buh-bye to all your childhood stuff and what wasn't going with me to college, my dad made me donate bec he didn't want all these things I didn't use to take up space at the house/basement.

Was anyone else nutty about this series like I was???



  1. I loved Sweet Valley too :) I have the old board game which I LOVE!

  2. I just found your blog! I LOVE it!
    Sweet Valley High! Are you kidding me? Jessica & Elizabeth? Jessica was allllways the trouble maker....I must read this book! :)

    And little Apsen is adorable! LOVE the name it is very suiting with that fluffy white coat!


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