24 August 2010

Top Indulgences!

Tuesday's Top 2 Topic over at Undomestic Momma is 
Your top 2 INDULGENCES!!!

{1} c o o k i e s .....
Seriously. I can NEVER turn down cookies. Specifically Chips A Hoy. I always have some my kitchen pantry. It's the one sweet I'll never give up. It's my feel better food. I don't know why. Just is.

{2} Salon Shampoos.

I could probably review every shampoo on the market someday in a blogpost for you all to see that I have tried just about every shampoo on the market that's salon or grocery store quality.

My current buy (that I haven't tried yet soon though!)

I think I have probably mentioned a few times that I am a freak about my hair. I've never dyed it (was never allowed to growing up or even get a perm!) so I take really good care of it!


  1. I agree 100% about the hair... your blog is super cute. I am looking forward to following you:)

  2. Cookies are one of my indulgences too :)

    I've never colored my hair either :) I've tried Pureology before and loved it!

  3. I used Pureology for awhile, loved it too!

  4. I LOVE COOKIES! Soft Batch are my favorite chocolate chip cookie!

    And I am actually using Pureology NOW for color hair it is the anti-fade and I LOOOVE it! Did you know it has no chemicals and is a vegan shampoo?? Its EXPENSIVE though, I think the large bottle at Trade Secret is 57 bucks plus tax yeeeeks for shampooo??? hahaha

    BUT I think you will like it.

  5. Oh My Gosh... Now ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT is those cookies!!! ahhh!!!!!

  6. That cookie pic has my mouth watering!! ...and I am about to go to the gym... this is trouble!

    I haven't tried Pureology but have always thought about it.. may have to make it my next product purchase!


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