02 August 2010

Back to School Stuff~

So at my new school, because it's an older building, teachers are NOT allowed to have wall scented plug ins, or things of that sort...bummer right bc I hate stinky rooms! I decided to resort to my old method that I have done in my other classroom when the kiddos would trickle in from recess and stunk like sweat LOL BODY SPLASH SPRAY works wonders! I picked up a new scent or a signature scent

I also figured I'd give this a try..

No teacher's desk is complete without an apple on it right? hehe.  It has a little fan inside it that circulates the scent (oil) that gets poured on an absorbent pad. Hopefully it works!

They had a few cute teacher things..

I've also read on blogs about B & B works new skincare line called WEXLER. I bought the trial package of it, so I am excited to try that and let you all know what I think of it. Currently I have just been using a few things from Sephora.....a line called 

This is the new stuff I'm going to try...

My new school district really wants their teachers to wear their badges BLAH haha something that my other school district was pretty lax about. I tried to add it to my arm band that has my whistle and keys on it, but it always pokes me in the arm, so I said Freak that and saw some of the other teachers had pretty unique lanyards with theirs on. I hit up google and decided on this beauty.


  1. Ahhh back to school!! The good ole' days!

  2. I always keep scented lotion around too. The older kids like to use it when it gets "stinky." I never thought to use a scented plug-in, I'll need to give that a try. I go back to school tomorrow . . .


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