11 August 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I found this via http://littledaisymay.blogspot.com/ and I just had to share it with all of you, as well as posting it on facebook. My former roommate is an Officer in the Marine Core who just got home from 6 months in Japan. My cousin is in Air Force, and thankfully hasn't gotten deployed in the last few years (we think bec he voluntarily went on 3 tours of Iraq a few years ago) So military or not, anyone that watches this, it will make you cry! Being a teacher, This hit home for me and how hard kiddos have it with one parent always over seas on deployment. Scenes of parents surprising their kids at school was priceless. Watch it and see for yourself. God Bless all active and retired Military persons, families...etc. We can never thank you enough for what you do for our country.

I am also lovin ....

My Mister Wonderful! Every night, he waits for me before actually getting into bed. He'll sit on top of the comforter, usually playing with his HTC Evo toy er I mean cell. I mean a girl can take up to 20 min to get ready for bed (take make up off, wash face, brush teeth, pluck eyebrows, etc etc) and he never asks me to hurry up, never sighs to show impatience, he just waits. We always crawl under the covers together, and I always fall right asleep as he always ALWAYS ALWAYS tells me how much he loves me as he throws his arm around me and kisses my head or lips. Where has he been all my life!?!?! :) :)

I'm lovin...

This comic that I found on another teacherly blog today I totally forget whom, but the credit is posted from where the comic actually comes from credit is given where credit is due!

This comic totally depicts what parents don't really see....how teachers feel!!! Be kind to your kids teachers we are NOT a babysitting service! Always agree with the adult! Kids do lie, and are very different when you aren't around!

I'm lovin...

All things dainty, girlie, & PINK!

 I'm Lovin....
That when I got up to go to the bathroom, I came back to find an Impostor blogger for C Mae!!! haha
Aspen. I heart my pooch. She thinks the pillows are on the couch for her and her only.


  1. Thanks for linking up :) Now I can follow your super cute blog!

    That video just made me so emotional too!!

    How sweet are you and your hubby?!

    Aspen is just too cute!

  2. Um, that video is AMAZING!!! I was balling. And I was thinking if my brother had ever surprised my family like that, we'd all be hot messes:)

    And who would love a dog with a face like that. ADORABLE

  3. Love your blog!

  4. your dog is just way too adorable!!

  5. AWWWWW! I just saw my cousin in FL who is also in the Air Force. And I needed that dose of pink, as I'm living in a house of all boys!

  6. I posted that video too, it rocks!

    and aww cute pup pic.

  7. Oh that video totally brought me to tears.


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