30 August 2010

Why I + Tom Hanks

Last night, Mister Wonderful & I were flipping through the channels and Forrest Gump came on. Simultaneously we both said how much we think that Forrest Gump is such a great movie. I said how I thought it was one of Tom Hanks Best and how he's like a male version of Julia Roberts...timeless. Classic. Enduring. He makes GOOD movies.

So, for fun, here's what I could find of some of my favorite clips of Tom at his best.

Turner & Hooch


A League of Their Own

Sleepless in Seattle

I"m sorry it's in spanish how sad is it that I couldn't find the best scene in english?!?
Cast Away


The Money Pit

The Burbs.

Toy Story

Apollo 13

There are SO many more movies by Tom that I love
Green Mile
Philadelphia Story
The Terminal
Saving Private Ryan
Road to Perdition
You've Got Mail

I could go on and on but I don't want you bore you with my admiration of this great actor. Maybe I already have LOL

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  1. Love me some Tom Hanks! He will go down as one the best (It's too early to think of a better adjective than "best") actors of all time. I LOOVE that scene where he is on that keyboard....anytime he says "Lt. Dan" and I of course bawl everytime he talks to Jenny after she passes away in the movie! :( sooo sad. He makes you believe in ANY movie he makes and any role he plays! I couldn't agree more! Thank you for the nice comment about Daisy! Aspen is a doll baby too!

  2. I just LOVE Tom Hanks too! He's such a great actor and I love all his movies :)

  3. awwww woody! so many great movies.

  4. I agree! Tom Hanks is one of the greats!


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