05 August 2010

Costco a man's best friend!

OMG. So Mister Wonderful and I were going to the grocery store like every 4 days to feed his bottomless pit stomach. One huge difference between men and women I tell ya!
This was never a problem when I lived alone! I could go 2 weeks without having go to the store.

Enter Costco.
Fab tip #1. Everything is in BULK. Like Sam's Club. This is PERFECT for a a guy who consumes 2 days worth of food for me, in one sitting haha.

Fab tip # 2 that I had NO idea anyone could do.....

They fill your old Printer Ink Cartridges for only SEVEN dollars!!!!! I was SHOCKED! I have always forked over the 40 dollars every time my ink ran out and just went and bought new ones. I always turned in my old cartridges to be recycled or properly disposed of. I thought that's all you could do until the lab at Costco said otherwise!

On a different note...

Isn't this a super cute way to organize dreaded laundry???

If only I had a laundry room with space like this!!!!


  1. That is a cute idea for laundry! I love your signature at the end of your posts(:



  2. I had no idea either!!! I go to Sam's...I'll have to see if they offer the same service. The laundry...I do the same, but since my laundry room is the size of a postage stamp, I used the hall closet right next to the laundry room. Con: I used up an entire closet Pro: I have 5 shelves of organized and stylish dirty laundry!!

  3. I love that laundry room!! So cute

  4. i'm such an anal sorter, i would love a super organized and well labeled laundry room, sigh.... someday!

  5. oh my gosh your blog is adorable!! Just wanted to say hello!!


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