14 June 2011

Meet N Greet

The lovely Michelle over at a little bit of this and that had a great idea!!!!!!! A blog meet and greet! 

So without further adieu, here is some INFO for all you new Followers of mine!

Hello Bloggers! New & Old!  I'm C Mae. the gal behind this lil ole blog!

This is me.

In case you didn't notice, or figure out.....
I am a teacher. An Elementary Art Teacher. I love my job. I have said time and time again on here, that I am very lucky to wake up every day and actually not loathe going to work, as so many hate their jobs and simply stay because they need the money. 

I take pictures, when I'm not teaching. It was my area of concentration in 2-D Art. 

I studied film photography in school, and am slowly re teaching re learning digital photography.

I am  a HUGE CHICAGOIAN at heart. That was my childhood home.

Yet I am also an Ohioan too. Went to college in Ohio, and every relative on my fathers side still lives there.

Ah Lovely BGSU. Tis where Mister Wonderful also went to college! 
But we did not meet and or even know each other the whole time we attended! 

The other love of my life, who is a huge part of this blog, is my fur baby, Aspen

For those that have followed me for over a year, know I am a HUGE animal lover, and I actually know a lot about dogs. I once showed my childhood dog, in dog shows! 

I usually host Tail Wagging Tuesday, in her honor, but have recently taken a break from it. (just for a little while)

  • I have been blogging for over 2 years now. I started this blog originally only about Art, and my student's artwork. I felt that was really limiting so I started to blog about other things. Must admit I hardly got any comments and or followers in the first year, but luckily I got the hang of it! 

So let's see...What else...

Top 5 Favorite Posts I've written

Not sure I have any particular favorites.... As many of you know I write from serious posts, to the most random crap ever. That's just me for ya!

But the ones that have gotten the most hits have been

(according to blogger stats)

Why these are my top hits I have no clue! 

If you wish to know more about me, you can read a bit here

Okay enough about me! Go link up! :) 



  1. you are soooo adorabllle! lets hang out, im seriousssss!

  2. So cute! :) You and Mister Wonderful make a beautiful couple!!

    ♥ www.livingbarefootandcrazy.blogspot.com

  3. You are SO beyond gorgeous!!

  4. This is cute! It's nice to get to know a bit more about the peeps behind a blog.

  5. Fun post!

    Aspen is just SO pretty! Love it!

  6. I love this idea!!! I learned a few new things about you!!! :)

  7. I didn't know you went to BGSU, I have a picture of myself in front of that very sign... I spent a summer interning at BG when I was in grad school and had an amazing time!

  8. YAY! Thank you so much for linking up! I love following your blog and learning more about you! Aspen is adorable! I always love pictures of her! I also can't wait for Tail Wagging Tuesday to start again!

  9. I can't believe you went to BG! I live 20 minutes south of bg. What a small world! Cool post! : )

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  11. Very cool- great to meet & greet you! What a super cool job and I can't wait to see more of your photography.

  12. You are so gorgeous!! I am so glad that you did this!


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