07 June 2011

Tell Me No Lies = Bachelorette Recap!

HOLY Moses!!!!!!!!! Please tell me y'all caught all the drama on


last night?!?!


This is Ben. He had a pretty cute date with Ashley. But this is about as cute or fun as the episode got! 
Ben's alright. I feel Ashley is VERY readable through her facial expressions. She seems okay with Ben, just not 100% into him like she is with Will and Bentley. 

Speak of the Devils.

Loss of Cool points happened last night with Will. They had a "roast" in Ashley's honor and he totally make a joke that he wished Ashley was Emily or Chantel. EW........And most of America LIKED YOU WILL WTF!?!? Who says that to a girl? Roast or not, and not to mention Ashley is the most insecure Bachelorette as they come!!! 

Seriously ABC you pay your people to come up with the worst date by far of the series!! 

I was shocked when Ashley gave him a rose at the the very end. 

I purposely stayed away from twitter bec I knew someone would tweet what was happening since east coast saw it first! 

Yeah go sit in the corner Will. Naughty! You KNEW you guys had such a good date why would you risk that? And I have to completely agree with Ashley when she was crying, all he had to do to make it better was HOLD HER and say sorry, instead he just figured she's not gonna give me a rose anyway and was gonna opt to leave. L A M E !!! 

All I can say he is by far the worst guy they have ever had on the show. I can't even believe the producers had him on the show KNOWING that on his one on one tapings he says the things he does. Then he totally LIES to Ashley's face about why he want's to leave kept saying it was his daughter. Let's not for get the  

DOT DOT DOT . . . . . . . . 

Hate the guy. If I ever saw him on the street I'd say to his face he is the scum of the earth of all man kind. 

I gotta say, I'm so glad Chris Harrison said what he said at the end about Bentley leaving. He reminded Ashley that any guy who was truly here for her, was going to FIGHT TO be here with her, not opt out to leave. I think she needed to hear that from a guy, and someone as stable as the host of the show! 

I think Ashley is TERRIBLY confused when it comes to love. She made her self look really bad when she admitted she "loved the guy" aka Bentley and they have only hung out THREE times. Ashley girl get a hold on those emotions!!! 

What did you all think ? 

Oh and this guy? Mask of Zorro!?

 GONE finally. He's way to old. Even MW said sitting with me he thought you could read it immediately on Ashley's face when he took it off that she was like instantly disappointed! 



  1. I agree with absolutely everything in this post...this was the most ridiculous episode ever. I can't believe they let Bentley on the show...did you hear when he said "I'm telling her I have to go back to my daughter but it's really just because I'm not into her" COME. ON.

  2. I havent watched it yet but I read twitter last night and read what was happening. Ashley is way too forward with her feelings and she is kind of an idiot for letting Bentley past the first night.

  3. OMG...I was speechless. I wish the producers would show her the tape so that she could move on...Let's go Ryan P. and West! So crazy! I can't wait till the reunion show..if he even shows up. He can't stay away from the cameras.

  4. My roommate and I were glued to this last night. Bentley is freaking disgusting. The fact that there are people out there who are so blatantly jerks scares me. Ugh.
    And WHY didn't ABC step in like they have before when they've found out someone isn't there for the right reasons?? It's disgusting. And, if I were Ashley, I'd be equally pissed at ABC and the crew for their lack of involvement.

    My roommate and I looked up some of the information about this on Reality TV Steve's website (which has tons of spoilers on it), and it just makes you see how fishy things are on the inside of this show. Gross.

    Jenn @ Going the Distance

  5. I so agree!! I was sitting there watching in shock at some of the things happening. I hated Bentley from day 1, he's just not an attractive person to me period.

  6. I am SO angry about Bentley. I read some spoilers and I am even MORE angry about him. Why can't the producers just effin tell her what he said?!?!?!

    I also heard who she is engaged to...

  7. hilarious. I agree completely... Bentley is such a douche - he is going to have huge problems getting a date now. I really like JP and I hope that Will can gain her trust again, I think he's a good guy deep down!

  8. I watched it today and couldn't believe Bentley -- and the whole Roast idea for a date I mean come on. I liked Will. I'm not sure who I'm rooting for. Theres a couple that seem good with me.

  9. Everything about last night was awkward!! I have no front runners anymore, they've all let me down.

  10. Agree with you 100%. This show is getting worse and worse. Sad :(

  11. I didn't get to see it but you give a great recap :) I can't believe he would say he'd rather have Emily or Chantel! Rude! Ashley seems so sweet, but she does seem pretty insecure. Hopefully this experience helps her to become more confident and demand to have the type of love that she deserves!

  12. I couldn't agree with you more. I am so glad Bentley is gone. I couldn't stand that guy! I was such a fan of William's and was so upset when he hurt Ashley's feelings last night. I really think he is a good guy though.

  13. It's honestly unbelievable to me the things that Bentley was saying. I pray he was playing it up for the cameras, because he is honestly the rudest person EVER. I mean WTF!? This whole show was a sport to him. SO glad he's gone, but I heard this is not the last we'll see of him this season ;)


  14. Ugh, part of me just wants to go through the TV and punch Ashley square in the jaw for being as naive as she had been about Bentley but the other part of knows how she feels because I've been that naive one...

    Either way, if I ever happen to run into Bent, I'll make sure to curb stomp him.

  15. I was so frustrated last night! The producers picked horrible dates plus they totally should have warned her or at least told her what a jerk Bentley was after he left. I get that Will went for it with the roast but he took it to far then didn't even apologize or try to fix it!

    I really hope this season gets better!

  16. I loved everything about your recap!!! And I agree 110%. I don't know who to root for, but I can't wait for next week!

  17. I 100% agree with you. I was SHOCKED when she kept William. I was like "Sooo you got rid of one a-hole in Bentley and decided to keep another?" Ugh. I dont get it. And when you read the blogs, it seems Chris Harrison totally warned her about Bentley. All the producers did. She just didnt want to listen. Good gravy.

  18. I haven't watched since Jillian's season, but sounds super shady and like such a bummer. Seems like every year the "jerky" guy (and there always is at least 1) gets more and more extreme.

  19. I seriously couldn't get over this episode! Between Bentley and William and Ashley's emotions and insecurities! I couldn't believe she said she had loved him!!

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