26 June 2011

Sunday Funday Summer Movie Review_

So on Friday I went to see BAD TEACHER

Laughed my Bootie off. I think most teachers would appreciate it! All the things we WISH we could say to students, but of course don't. 
A few things....

*Cameron Diaz was AWESOME. She played her role to a "T".

*I couldn't get over that there was no awkwardness between her and Justin Timberlake, since when this was filmed, Timberlake was heavily involved with Jessica Biel at the time.

*Jason Segal hello finally you make a good movie since Forgetting Sarah Marshall! 

And for those of you wondering, there were many scenes depicted that DO NOT ever happen during a normal school day. That's all I can say without giving away bits of the movie.

Rental wise....

” All I have are the choices I make, and I choose her, come what may.” - David, The Adjustment Bureau

I felt like I was watching The Matrix when watching this. I had so many questions to ask throughout the movie! Overall it was decent. Rent worthy.

I also rented "The Other Woman" starring Natalie Portman
Where do I begin with this one. Natalie plays great roles but man, the whole concept of this movie was just SAD! 

She totally steals a married woman's husband who already has a 'family' and doesn't seem a bit remorseful throughout the film for her actions (Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in the film she has a terrible relationship with her own father for her father ran around on her mother) I kept thinking about all the women out there that do this... Lust after married men, end up marrying them. How do they live with themselves? How do they not ever worry that if he cheated when he was married before, that he wouldn't cheat on you? That's a whole other discussion though....

Then there's her whole role as "stepmom" and boy she has to be the worst ever. She doesn't relate to kids at all (her character and thus causes her marriage to crumble) 

watch for yourself if you haven't seen it! 

That's all lovelies. 



  1. This is probably old news by now (I'm always a little behind :p), but I watched Burlesque this weekend... and OMG SOOOOOOO GOOD. I loved it!!

  2. I've seen the previews for Bad Teacher but couldn't decide if it looked good or not! I'm glad to see it was funny...I'll have to go see it!

  3. I am going to see Bad Teacher on Tuesday and I can't wait!! haha! The previews look hilarious, glad you liked it. I have never seen "the other woman" or even heard of it, but I love Natalie!! Thanks for the reviews!

  4. Nice! I am still hesitant on Bad Teacher, because while I liked movies like 'Knocked Up', this one just seemed, not funny to me in the commercials! I kind of want to see the Adjustment Bureau! That quote is really sweet! <3 Ha I'm cheesy!


  5. I am SO excited to see Bad Teacher... glad to hear good things! :) xo laura marie

  6. I LOVED the Adjustment Bureau. I originally saw it on a date and didn't think I'd like it, but holy cow it was so romantic! :)

  7. I want to see this movie! Thanks for the review! :)

  8. I gave you an award! Visit Oh, Heyy Life! to find out more :)

    xo katie elizabeth

  9. Bad Teacher was SO funny! We saw it Friday night and laughed all the way through :)

  10. ok i wanted to see bad teacher and now i REALLY wanna see it!

  11. I want to see Bad Teacher so badly!!! Sounds like it was good.

  12. Thanks for the review on Bad Teacher! I can't wait to see it! :)

    ♥ www.livingbarefootandcrazy.blogspot.com

  13. I loved Bad Teacher! Hilarious! Cameron Diaz was amazing in it!

  14. I love to put stickers on my students' forehead too... Except my students are first graders and they think its cool - not humiliating. LOVED the movie!

  15. I saw Bad Teacher and thought it was hilarious but thats about all! I def wouldnt recommend paying $10 to see it. I need to rent Adjustment Bureau! I wanted to see that when it was in the theater!

  16. I am still on the fence about Bad Teacher...might wait till it comes out on red box!

  17. i've been wanting to see all those movies! thanks for the review!

  18. I can always count on you to see the newest movies, haha! Thanks for the reviews. I love me some Miss Diaz and JT, so I will have to see this!


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