02 June 2011

These Are my Confessions

I confess I own at least 2  things simply because Emily Maynard has worn them.

Item #1 Fiji by Essie

Item #2 Turquoise necklace 

I confess that since I joined Twitter I feel like talking in hashtags is totally appropriate. #isthatsowrong?

I confess that I seem to have time to blog regular posts, yet can't come up with my own link up of Tail Wagging Tues #nomotivation 

I confess that my last work out at the gym wasn't much of working out. More like make myself feel really bad about myself since I SUCK and lunges and have no balance.

I Confess I felt like a big sad loser when I was filling out paperwork for work this week and realized my “emergency contact” only lives states away from me. I’m assuming that’s not super helpful in the event of a real emergency Thanks out of state parental units! 

I Confess that I feel like Snooki everytime I eat a friggin pickle. And I've never even watched Jersey Shore, I've only seen that clip of her and her love of pickles. 

*Confess Idea seen here and a few of my confessions were really Ashley's confessions too, I just agreed with some of them so much I had to reblog them and also give credit where credit is due! 

Got any confessions you'd like to get off your chest? 



  1. copying you :) happy birthday by the way!

  2. Love the nail color and Love Emily! She has great fashion sense so if you are going to copy someone, then she's a good one to copy.

  3. I LOVE that necklace still! I may have to DIY one in the future =)

  4. Love te nail color!!! I might have to get that! :) and happy birthday girly!

  5. Emily Maynard has great style, I love her look and would copy it too! That is such a cute nail color, i might have to go get it!

    And i love pickles too! Have you ever had a fried pickle? Heavenly...

    Yes, bring us some more tail wagging tuesdays!

    And i'm pretty addicted to twitter too so i feel ya on that confession... :)

  6. i use hash tags alll the time!! in texts and emails and fb messages!

  7. haha. Out of state parent's need to move to where they can be helpful in emergencies. Lol. I always tell my mom to move close to me, but apparently she loves where she is more than me... jk.


    Hope Rick treats you to a nice dinner or whatever you fancy today because today is YOUR day! xoxo love ya!

  9. It gets tough to blog everyday! But I am missing Tail Wagging Tuesdays!

  10. I'm loving that polish and necklace!

  11. I adore that nail polish! Buying it next time I'm out.

    and Happy Birthdayyyyyy

  12. I confess that this cracked me up!!

    love the stuff that Emily had. Nothing wrong with that!

    I just joined twitter and I have NO idea what a hashtag even in. I plan to take twitter 101 this weekend.

    even though you suck at lunges, at least you make it to the gym regularly. I don't. #isuck. (was that the correct use of hashtags??)

    snookie and pickles. HA!!

    LOVE the new layout! Now I have to change your blog name under my blog list. The old name keeps coming up. Love the new name :)

  13. You crack me up! Loving the new look!

  14. I confess that I miss tail wagging Tuesday's! Hoping you'll feel inspired to end the hiatus soon.

  15. I love the Emily confessions!


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