16 June 2011

Color Me Happy

I'd like to share a blog I have followed for quite sometime that ALWAYS makes me smile.

C O L O R       M E       K A T I E

OH EM GEE seriously her blog is so colorful  & so happy! I LOVE all her quirky little tid bits and posts. A few days ago she posted this. For those of you who don't follow, Katie is a Photographer in NEW YORK, and has a cat named MOO. He's in a TON of her pictures. As most of y'all know,  I am more a dog person persay,( I love cats too, but I have always been a dog gal first) but if I ever had to have a cat, I'd totally adopt hers!

Monkey Problem

Many people get a cat to fix their mouse problems,

I got a cat to fix my monkey problems.

Good kitty...

These pictures and words are solely the property of Katie! All rights reserved!

Visit her blog HERE!

Here's another post that cracks me up about her adorable MOO. ----> Here & Here

Seriously, so if you don't already follow her, stop on by! She has A TON of followers. No joke yo! 
Followers (11177) to be exact!



  1. Great, now I'm sitting at my desk NEEDING to get a million things done but instead reading every post ever written by Katie. Thanks C Mae.

  2. Her work is absolutely amazing! Her pics bring me a smile instantly ! Thanks for introducing her to your blog visitors!

    Sheila :)


  3. Thanks for sharing her blog. I am loving it so far!!!!!


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