06 June 2011

The Most Random Monday Post Everrrrrrrr

So I am feeling super scatter brained right now. A lot going on in my life, yet really not that much.
(Doctor appts, vet appts, summer reading, moving schools/classrooms, trip ahead to Ohio in July just to name a few)

So with my brain being every which way with thoughts this is what you get for a monday post.

First, can I get me a bowl like this?

I would so not waste so much milk if I had a bowl like this!

Love this image/poster/ whatever it is :) 

I am currently reading this fresh via the local LIBRARY! This girl is on quite the summer budget, and since I can't have the luxury of spending a few bucks on books, I am going old school, and just picking from the library some good reads. Who read Judy Blume as a kid!? I did!!! So far, it's pretty good!

Seriously who has a wall this long in their house? LOL Can I get a gallery wall this long please? K. Thanks!

This weekend MW and I Finally got to go out and celebrate my 29th B day. We looooove Sushi! 
Here's just a quick picture I took with my new Tripod he got me! :) yay! 

And of course can't leave the fur child out



  1. gorgeous pic of you and your love!
    love your dress, and your hair looks amazing!

  2. aw Judy Blume! I read every single one of her books when I was younger! :)



  3. Love this random Monday post! Happy 29th! I love that image/poster thingy too! Love that gallery wall! Always enjoy your blog! :)

    Have a HAPPY week!

  4. you 2 are so cute!
    oh...and so is Aspen!! :)

  5. OOO I'm in love with your dress! And your hair! You look so pretty :)

  6. yay for a new tripod! i just got one too..it's great!

    oh yeahhhh judy blume!!

  7. I would love to have a wall that long AND A BOWL with dividers! And I am LOVING that picture with the words to "SOTR"

  8. ha! Love the randomness! And really.. who DOES have a wall that long?! Gawd! Love the cute pic of ya'll, girlie! Way to use the tripod!

  9. Love that cereal bowl! I hate soggy cereal!
    Your purple dress is super cute! Love!
    Happy Monday!
    Jenn @ Going the Distance

  10. Summer Sisters is one of my most favorite books!

  11. oh my gosh. stop it.

    i WANT that cereal bowl! how funny. i eat it like its my job. and therefore must buy!!

  12. I love the randomness of this Monday post! :D

  13. LOVE the randomness! love the bowl, love the poster thing, love the gallery wall- love it all!

  14. 1.that cereal bowl is awesome 2. I love the library too!

  15. My parents have a wall like that at their house. They have an open/vaulted ceiling type living room with a balcony that wraps two sides of it. It's littered with baby pictures of my sister and myself.

    I think tupperware makes bowls like that. My mom has a few since my sister is neurotic about the way she eats. She wont put sauce on her pasta, she has to have them in separate sections so that she can dip her pasta ever so gingerly into the sauce. She's such a weirdo. lol

  16. You two are adorable! Hope you're having a great Monday. I have some exciting news on my blog! Hope you can check it out. Have a great night honey! Kori xoxo


  17. 1. I love that bowl. I want one.

    2. I think I've read that book before? I'm a huge fan of the library - I'm way too cheap to spend money on actually BUYING books haha.

    3. You and MW are too cute. I love that picture!

    4. Hi Aspen! :)

  18. Just found your blog and love it girl! Ah-mazing pic of you and MW! Gorgeous hair!! AND I'd love to have that cereal bowl!!

  19. Okay, I have been M.I.A. for so long, so I'm tryin' to catch up here!

    1. LOVE YOUR DRESS. where did you get it, it is ADORBS.

    2. You and your man are SMOKIN' hot, k thanks.

    3. I'm kind of obsessed with your fur child, and the framed picture you have on your wall with said fur child. :) so cute!!

  20. Love the header! And yay for tripods!

  21. Ah! I am your newest follower and I totally want that bowl too! :)

  22. mmm i have a cereal obsession right now and that bowl looks yummy!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  23. ah. I want that bowl too! amazing!

  24. I love Summer Sisters - I've read it every summer since it first came out!

  25. I'm loving that gallery wall!


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