11 June 2011

Saturday Shopping

 Today I dragged Mister Wonderful to the lovely world of the mall (after our hour and half 4 mile hike I thought hey it's well deserved!)

I have really wanted to work on adding a few more summer dresses to my wardrobe. I tried this one on, but did not come home with it. 

Reason #1 
I felt like some dresses make your shoulders look like you are muscular football player! to me, this was one of those dresses! I felt really huge up top and that wasn't flying with me.

Reason #2 
Bend over test. I always bend over to see how "short" a dress really is. This one failed. LOL No one wants to see a rear end peek out! 

I did however, come home with some great finds from the LIMITED. 

Got these. Many have said to me, "Oh linen wrinkles bad."
 I never really have that problem with them... 

A very summery look. 

I also ordered these wedges! :) 

This is probably it for my "summer spending spree" since I totally goofed on my pay over the summer with my paychecks (LONG STORY) teacher stuff those who teach kinda get what I mean by that...and the whole summer pay bit...



  1. Love those wedges girl!

    I definitely don't think the dress made you look like a football player but since it failed the bend test--kudos to you for leaving it behind. :)

  2. Those wedges are adorable!!! Nice choice!

  3. Where did you order those wedges from? LOVE them...

  4. Not enough ladies out there do the bend over test! Thank you for keeping those around you in mind and keeping it classy!

    Coincidentally on a day that you traveled to the mall, I have nominated you for the "Stylish" blogger award over on my blog. Enjoy!

    xoxo Tricia

  5. oh i think that dress looks SO cute on you!! I also really want those wedges-- they would really go good with so many things!

  6. I love that dress, it looks so good on you!! Too bad it didn't work out. The wedges are super cute though. XO

  7. Love the linen pants and shoes...too cute!

  8. The LIMITED is my go to store. They always have great deals and coupons! Love the outfit. :)

  9. You were totally rockin' that dress, but I know what ya mean on passing THE tests :)

  10. I want those shoes!!!

  11. Mmmmkay where is that dress from I have been looking for something like that for my engagement photos!

  12. The Bend Over Test sounds genius. Will employ that method from now on...


  13. I think that dress is adorable! But I hear you on the bending over test :) laLOVE the shoes though :)

  14. That dress makes you look amazing! Not that you don't already look amazing :)

  15. cute findings!!
    i love the dress!
    i don't think your shoulders looked big, but if the bend over test was a bust - then i totally agree with a no buy. you always have to be cautious when wearing those dresses. too much work!


  16. OMG girl, you're crazy: that dress looks AMAZING on you!! (I have been told I am a pusher... whoopsies!) :) Where's it from??

    ALSO, I need your adorbs little white sandals. Share? xo

  17. lol have you seen Mean Girls? "You're a pusher, Katie..." Anyways, I just meant I tend to convince people (mostly myself) to buy clothes they don't necessarily need/want.


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