30 June 2011

Great Find From Back in December found TODAY!

Remember way back in December (read old post here) when I blogged about these adorable canisters, and how bad I wanted them, but didn't want to pay the 50 ish plus bucks for them?

Well guess what I got at TJMAXX today........

What a steal! 

All three sizes were at TJMAXX too! I highly recommend if you wanted one, to check out your local TJ's to see if you can find one! 

I have to brag about Walmart right now. Er below rather. This is the best sugar free sweet tea I have EVER drank. No lie. I swear. Mister Wonderful and I have been weening off our Snapple diet, as sadly we took a good look at the back and reminded ourselves that it contains ASPARTAME in it...aka known to cause cancer........ Aspartame is found in ALL diet drinks. Not good girls. 

Well how is it that this sweet tea that contains no sugar taste so good without aspartame you say? 

Answer: Sucralose.
Sucralose can be found in more than 4,500 food and beverage products. It is used because it is a no-calorie sweetener, does not promote dental cavities,[11] is safe for consumption by diabetics,[12] and does not affect insulin levels.[13] Sucralose is used as a replacement for, or in combination with, other artificial or natural sweeteners such as aspartameacesulfame potassium or high-fructose corn syrup

And those are my awesome Thursday Finds for you all. 

OH. and PS!
Tail Wagging Tuesday will be BACK this TUESDAY July 5th. GET YOUR PHOTOS READY! 
Topic: Just sharing Photos of your fur babies summer thus far 
Ie napping, swimming, running through sprinklers, drinking from the hose, etc etc :) 



  1. I LOVE those canisters!! I'm always on the hunt for stuff like that for our fur-babies.

    Totally going to look this weekend for myself :) Thanks for the heads up!

    Happy Thursday and enjoy that "sweet" tea

  2. Those canisters are so cute! I'm definitely going to be on the look out for them! :)

    I'm so glad tail wagging Tuesday is back!

  3. I will be hitting both TJ Maxx and Walmart!

  4. Oooh LOVE those canisters- I am definitely going to have to check out TJMaxx Marshalls AND HomeGoods just to cover all my bases (and also b/c I am a HomeGoods addict)! Thanks for sharing- can't wait for TWT!

  5. Those canisters are adorable!

    Can't wait for Tail Wagging Tuesday to return!

  6. I love the canisters!!! Tj Maxx is the best!

  7. There is controversy surrounding sucralose, aka splenda as well. Just in case you want to look into it. I work in a health food store so I hear a lot. I try to do either stevia or xylitol because they are more natural. Although I will be the first to admit, while I am aware of this information I still enjoy a diet soda!

  8. OH I love those canisters. I better go check TJ Maxx. However ours sucks so I doubt they have them!

  9. Tj MAXX is my FAVORITE store. I always find so much there! The canisters are to die for! Also...Walmart DOES have excellent tea. Except I'm terrible and go for the sweet tea. I'm sure its loaded with tons of bad stuff!

  10. I saw those canisters today at TJ Maxx! I thought about getting the biggest one for Dooney, but since she doesn't live with us right now I decided against it! They are super cute though!

  11. Cute cans! I love TJ Maxx!!!

    And for a tea sweetener, have you tried stevia?! You only need a tiny amount and it's supposed to be natural... and it's good :)


  12. Love the cans!!
    Yay i'm so glad tail wagging tuesday will be back!

  13. im loving your little dietician/chemistry description about sucralose!

    PS - i went to the charlotte russe...no luck :( sorry friend!

  14. Ah I am so in love with TJ Maxx! it is the BEST!

  15. awesome! TJMAXX is the the best!!!!!!!

  16. Two great finds! Me and the BF are trying to drink unsweet tea but this is a great find! Thanks!


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