27 June 2011

His & Hers

Today's his & hers (inspired by the posts over at Hooray Design and Pure and Noble) is all about things we dislike. So, without further adieu, here is Mister Wonderful's answers and my own.


biggest pet peeve: Driving in traffic.

most hated food: red bell peppers.

most despised type of music: any pop remakes of songs from the 80s (basically what he is sayin is all the songs you hear on mainstream radio that is a total rip off of a song from earlier years)

chore to avoid: PUTTING AWAY CLOTHES!!!

worst trend imaginable: government spending

idea of the worst vacation: Detroit, MI


biggest pet peeve: I have a few, but most have to do with children today and how they are being raised today or lack there of rather, by parents. Parents are so quick to point the finger and say, "Johnny and Susie wouldn't do that" and never put any of the problems on themselves. (That's the teacher in me for ya)

most hated food: It's a tie between
sauerkraut |ˈsou(ə)rˌkrout|
chopped cabbage that has been pickled in brine.


bratwurst |ˈbrätˌwərst| (also brats)
a type of fine German pork sausage that is typically fried or grilled.

most despised type of music: have to agree with Mister Wonderful on this, all the crap that mainstream radio is playing, they take the back beat of old songs and use them on meaningless tracks today!

chore to avoid: I don't really avoid them, I do most of them.. Okay I take that back. Cleaning the TOilet. This would be why MW has bathroom duty. :)

worst trend imaginable: silly bands. GAH Don't get me started. can't stand em!

idea of the worst vacation: Tjuana, Mexico. YUCK. Dirty. The end.

Do these questions with your boyfriend/husband/partner and learn something new about each other or see what you already knew :).

In case you are wondering how Mister Wonderful was so willing to answer these, that's because he's kinda laid up at the moment!!

My nurse got to have me as his Nurse! Without going into a lot of detail, if you'll notice it's just his finger. And in 3 weeks he should be back to work. Summer school has ended, so now we are both home all day! :) I think Aspen is heaven with us both home!



  1. I've gotta agree with MW on the worst trend and you on the worst food! This is such a great post idea!

  2. I didn't know Mr. Wonderful was a nurse! What kind of nursing does he do? I'm a nurse too!

  3. This is so cute! I will definitely make my husband play! Hope he gets to feeling better!

  4. Love this post! I borrowed the idea for tomorrow =0)

  5. i love this idea :) i may need to borrow it for future posts! love your blog!

  6. Fun post!

    I'm SO with you on your pet peeve...teachers know exactly what you're talking about!

  7. cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite chore too! it's gross. anyone else can clean it :-)

  8. Great facts. I like this post! Off to chat with the beau now to see what his are. Hope Mister Wonderful is doing well :)

  9. Love the post! I HATE red peppers too! I totally understand your pet peeve! I HATE sauerkraut too! Whenever I get a boyfriend I will do this! :)


  10. This is such a cute idea! Aww, sorry to hear about MW! Hope he is rested and recouped soon!


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