24 June 2011

Famous Movie Homes For Sale

I tweeted about this yesterday, but did y'all ever grow up watching certain movies even as a kid being impressed by a house in a film?  Well this house, has been on the market for 49 days.... What house am I referring to?

why this movie's house!


Who presents this woman? This woman? But she’s not a woman. She’s just a kid. And she’s leaving us. I realized at that moment that I was never going to come home again and see Annie at the top of the stairs. Never going to see her again at our breakfast table in her nightgown and socks. I suddenly realized what was happening. Annie was all grown up and was leaving us, and something inside began to hurt.
                          - Steve Martin as George Banks

Did u know...
more than 50 movies have been shot there, including Liar Liar, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Halloween and Apt Pupil.

Here's a shot of it THEN (aka back in the 90s when the movie was filmed)

Here's the house "today". I think they added something to the front of the house to make the entryway look different.

And can't forget this house..filmed in my former home state of IL....

The home's owners said they had been approached by Hughes' production company about using the house for his previous feature, "Uncle Buck," but refused because they were just settling in and had not sold their old home.
When the location manager returned 18 months later, they agreed to turn their home into a movie set.
Beyond its celluloid fame, the 1920s home features a gourmet kitchen, wood-burning fireplace, a sunroom, a dormered attic bedroom and a detached garage and is situated on a half-acre lot not far from Lake Michigan.

Here's a shot of the entry hallway where "kevin" sleds down the stairs

 and here's what the house entry way looks like today...

Call me old fashioned but I am partial to the older look of the entryway hallway/stairs! :) 

How about this one?

Goonies House in Astoria Oregon 



  1. I'm loving this post! Love Father of the Bride and Goonies! I didnt even realize that the Liar Liar house was the same as FOTB..intereting!

    Have a good weekend!


  2. Awww good post and good movies to remember! I used to think the Father of the Bride house was like THE house I wanted someday. I mean, talk about the best "family" house ever! :) Love it. And my other fav quote was "Dont forget to wear your condom....er.. seat belt!" hahaha! Love that movie!

  3. Loved this post! Very interesting to see what all those houses look like and kinda neat to see they were ACTUAL houses rather than some set on a movie!

  4. amazing! i remember the house from Father of the Bride so well. i LOVED in the second one when he sold it and he says "i mean who needs this old shack. look at it." and it was even more beautiful than it already was. thanks for sharing!!

  5. great post! i loved those homes too growing up and watching the movies.

  6. i agree....i like the versions that you see in the movies WAY better!!

    Not a fan of the gate on the first house...

  7. omg i would love to live in the house from father of the bride :)

  8. I have always been in love with the house that they shot Father of the Bride in, what a dream it would be to live there!

  9. I LOVE the Father of the Bride house! One of my all-time favorites!

  10. Loving this post! And LOVE the Father of the Bride house...almost cried in the second movie when Steve Martin wanted to sell it.

  11. What a fun post! I love the house from Father of the Bride! I didn't realize it was the same house in Liar Liar! Love that movie too!

  12. OH! I'd LOOOOVE to live in the Father of the Bride house- STUNNING! Or the Home Alone house- I heard about that one on the radio recently. At least that's local, but I'd never afford it, I'm sure! Love this post!

  13. wow. those changes are drastic, but i can still see the familiarities of the houses for the movies. i love the old staircase of the house for home alone :-)

  14. the father of the bride movies are 2 of my FAVORITES. and I absolutely adore that house! It's just so perfect.. wish I could afford it!!! Great post C mae!!!

  15. Great post! Now I want to go watch all those classic movies. :)

  16. Oh my gosh! LOVE this post! LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEE! :) I always wanted to live in the FOTB house. The Father of the Bride I and II movies are seriously my favorite movies EVER! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. i loved this post. the father of the bride house is seroiusly one of the very best in film. that and cameron diaz's in the holiday and diane keaton's in something's gotta give. oh wait, and meryl streep's in it's complicated. ok, im done.


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