20 June 2011

Under GOD

Move over cutesy fluffy all sunshine and rainbow posts... 

Today I am writing a wee bit more serious one. Which some will skim over. I mean who wants to read anything that might be a debbie downer? Um, when it has to do with world news, and something our very country is founded on, I DO.

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In their broadcast of the US Open Golf Tournament yesterday, NBC removed the phrase "under God" from a 
reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance. 

I'm sorry, but I believe that this was no accident and I think the network  is to "fully explain" their motivation in removing the phrase. An apology by NBC saying they "are sorry if anyone was offended" does not go far enough in addressing this troubling and deliberate rewriting of history and the removal of the mention of God from the public square.


Its a sad day when i see American children saying the pledge without God. This was no accident. This was done because this country is turning into a GODLESS, MORALESS devil's workshop. It is because of God that we are the greatest country in the world. God will not be mocked. "our" united states of america is "one nation, under god"! if you do not like that, then please feel free to pack your bags and leave "our" country ! This is what happens when you become to diverse. 

As an educator, I have had to say the pledge every single day for the last SEVEN years of my life since my days in HS when it was required to be said. I've gone to both Private Catholic Schooling, and Public, and both with religion and without it, you STILL say the Pledge with those words in it!!!

 President Eisenhower wrote the "under god" in effect in 1954. So until the day Obummer I mean Obama decides to undo this, UNDER GOD shall remain!!! You don't disobey the law just because you feel like it! I mean come on! Disappointed in a lot of people....American people. 

Indivisible is also invisible.
A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job. A recovery is when Obama loses his job.



  1. LOVED this! I did not skim over one word of this post...this was much needed and I'm glad you put it on your blog! The world needs more people like you to get its head on straight.

    Way to go!


  2. AMEN SISTER! I agree with every word...

  3. I so agree with you that was just so wrong! I was also very irritated… it just sounded wrong it felt wrong. Now I will say that to me neither the president or diversity had any take on this...They decided that on their own...They need to apologize and realize the damage that is done when you do things without thinking or having any sense of respect. I was also raised in Catholic school and cannot imagine raising my kids in the USA and not having them say "UNDER GOD" I'll make sure they say it even if they do take it out... My kids will know that our nation was and IS built on FAITH.

  4. No skimming on this one. I have every feeling that NBC did it on purpose. And you are right. This country is becoming less and less about GOD.

  5. tell 'em girl! Someone at our Board of Ed. meeting the other night wore a t-shirt that said "In Obama I trust" with his face on a dollar bill. I thought I was going to throw up. Whether you like the man or not, please do not replace God's name wit his geesh.

  6. AMEN sister, AMEN! I'm one of those people who think the U.S. is going to hell in a handbasket because of the serious lack of godfearing people. It's truly unbelievable how far this country has strayed from God in just the last 50 years. I commend you for posting this and standing up for what is right!

  7. Thanks for being brave and posting this. It needed to be said! AMEN!

  8. Ok I know some people will be thinking it, but I will be the first to post. It really bothers me when people think that religion has something to do with politics. If I respect your opinion on God and religion, then why can't you respect mine? (I don't mean you personally, CMae)

    Do I believe in God? Sure. Am I religious to the point of mixing God and my country? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Does this make me Un-American? Heck no! My husband is in the military and risks his life so that everyone (myself included) can believe what they wish. I have worked heavily in education reform to make sure kids get the education they need. If we are un-American for not being religious, so be it.

    Obviously this is your blog and you are free to post your opinion, I just wanted to add some commentary that not every one of your readers agrees.

  9. I could not agree with you more. This country was founded on basic Christian principles. Our laws mirror the Ten Commandments, and what is "illegal" here is illegal in God's eyes as well. But, it makes me sad to see how far we are turning from this as a country. I agree, that God is part of our country and His name should not be removed from government for the sake of political correctness.

  10. Love this- it needed to be said. Even if people don't believe in God/a God/my God, it is still what our country was founded on...

  11. aaaamen! i've been avoiding even thinking about this because it makes me sad. love that you wrote this!

  12. I totally agree with you! I found this very upsetting!!

  13. Completely agree with you...and I'm so glad you posted this because I didn't watch the tournament and had no idea. I can't tell you how angry it makes me that our country is becoming less and less about God.


  14. I am SO with you on this!! I think it is SO sad that people even want to take it out.

  15. Oh my goodness. This post was dead on, girl. So glad you posted this. I agree 100%.


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