09 June 2011

Random Thursday Stuff

Don't cha just "LOVE" these L O  V E dishes? 
I'm not sure I'd get a lot of use out of them other than in the month of February, or maybe at a wedding or something. You can find them HERE via EBAY baby yeah! 

Happy Thursday Loves! 

Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

You & I

Really diggin this song by Ga Ga. Have y'all hear it?



  1. Definitely feeling the love. I really like, " how to have a lovely day" !

  2. i saw these at madebygirl long time ago and love them every since..just dont know how often i would use it though..so never got it.

  3. That first thing is so cute! love this post.

  4. Oh I love those LOVE dishes! Happy Thursday...I'm going to put on my perfume and go wish someone a lovely day. :)

  5. I have those LOVE dishes! I found them at Ross about two years ago! Keep your eye out there during Valentine's Day season!


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