12 September 2010

Update with Art Room Happenings_

Fall Trees 1st Graders

Just a dot not a lot!              

Final Product. Now students know about texture, fall colors, and seasons.
This is my first year teaching 6th Grade Art. I asked the other art teacher at my school (there are 2 of us we teach 1,000 kids total) for lessons to teach! She suggested to start with OP Art. I tied this with MC ESCHER, the artist.    

The beauty I am finding out, is that with older students it takes  them W E E K S to get anything done. They have been working on this project for 4 weeks now. Craziness! Works for me. Gives me more time to research upcoming projects.
Students that finish early get a few options in my room of "work". They can color a color sheet, do an art word search, or help the art teacher. Below, I have students helping me tear off the paper off oil pastels and sorting them by color into little cups.
I am always shocked at how many students want to "Help" the teacher. They fight over who gets to sweep the floor. I think to myself, I'm sure they are like this at home and their chores that their parents want them to do right? bahahahaha.

4th Grade's VW Bugs. Students had to pick a "theme" to their car and learn how to ty-dye their backgrounds.
Teacher example. Students read story about a Scarecrow.
Then they draw out their own scarecrow in pencil first. I give them a circle tracer for the head. We talk about not placing the head to high, otherwise they won't have room for the scarecrow's hat.
Then they trace their drawing with Black crayon (or oil pastel) Next week they color with pastels and paint the sky.

5th Grade's Fantasy Hamburger. This was a hard lesson for my students to grasp. They were suppose  to OVERLAP objects so that no white space showed in their burgers.



  1. What FUN projects! You have some very talented students!

  2. These are fantastic art projects!! I love the fall trees!

    You have some very artsy students! I'm so impressed- they have a wonderful teacher, though :)


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