29 September 2010

Just Because_

Just because Mister Wonderful hasn't bought me any flowers since living together, doesn't mean a girl can't buy some for herself right?  Walmart baby $5 dollars a bouquet. They just smelled to wonderful when you first walk in, so I couldn't pass them up!

I am feeling tired, frustrated. Work has worn me thin. Tomorrow I have a formal observation from my new Principal. eeek! Always a little nerve racking. 

I have been sorta kinda contemplating about MAYBE taking classes to get my masters?? I say that with a question mark because I am not so sure I could get a masters in what I want, let alone get into a Masters program.

I jumped onto ASU's website. The more I read, the more I got discouraged. The 2 things that I had an interest in said things like "Must have a 3.0 GPA" "Must have a portfolio"

Here read for yourself~
*You must have a bachelors' degree from an institution whose credits are acceptable to Arizona State University and GPA of 3.0 or better for the third and fourth years of undergraduate study. Credits from undergraduate degrees that are pending must have been completed by Aug. 15 of the year in which you enter the MA program.

*If you hold a degree in something other than art history, you must complete at least four upper-division art history courses (12 semester hours) with a B or better beyond such general survey courses as ASU's ARS 101 and 102. Upon the completion of at least six of these, you may be accepted with deficiencies, on the understanding that the remaining hours will be completed during the first semester in the program. The 12 hours of deficiencies will not count as MA hours.
You must apply to the ASU Graduate College as well as submit additional materials directly to the School of Art. Please read all details listed below prior to applying.
***courtesy ASU's website

I don't want to get my masters in anything Education. Education masters equals TONS of paper writing which I am so not down for. My paper writing days! I just have no interest to say the least, in education master stuff. sorry! I'd love to get my masters in ART HISTORY. I loved ALL my history classes in college. While everyone slept in the dark lit room going through slides, I was wide awake, highlighting my book, taking notes...etc etc. This pertains to what I do, since I teach art right? So why do they make it impossible for someone to get in??

My final GPA was 2.79 in college. It is what it is. I used to be really shameful about sharing that because well it's no 3.0  
Will that really matter all these years later? Yeah, I was no stellar student, but I graduated! And I have a "real" job that I use my degree for. Doesn't that count for anything?

I'd love to call on some lovely blog advice from fellow bloggers, but many of you so it seems are still in college yourself just finishing your Bachelors which was so 5 years ago for me already!

Do anyone have any advice or know how Master Programs work?



  1. Beautiful flowers!

    We're having observations this week too except we don't know when the principal make pop in which makes it even more nerve racking!

  2. I buy myself flowers all the time. Its wonderful. Way to go girl :)

  3. I wish I had some advice for you on your master's but I don't. Maybe try some other universities? :/

  4. I'm with Lindsay... I buy myself "just because" flowers all the time!

  5. I'd love to go back to get my Masters before we have kids, but all of the information is so confusing! Two of my younger sisters are getting theirs or are in the process of getting additional courses out of the way that they didn't get during their undergrad years, and have had hard times balancing and they don't even work full time, so that keeps discouraging me. Good luck and keep us posted.

  6. Those are so pretty!

    Love that you got yourself flowers, even though you live with your Mr. Wonderful.

    That's what being a girl is all about! Making ourselves happy :)

  7. Love the flowers - their so "fall"!

    Hope your observation goes well :)

    Sorry no advice for masters - I'm still an undergrad in education. It's mandatory for us to have a 3.0 each semester or we must repeat the semester.


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