07 September 2010

Another Top 2 Tuesday+

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It's Tuesday! Which means time to list my Top 2 for the day! 

Fall Top 2....

So looking forward to new FALL T.V. Shows!!!!
This one I can't wait to see..I hope it does well!
My Generation

Tune in Sept 23rd to watch!

And this one..

Better With You...
another ABC show. Yay for new fall shows! I hope I get into one...It's been so long since I've followed a show from start to finish! I watched every episode of this
From HS into College....then College I watched this....
Then I watched the first few seasons of this......

But once George got killed off and now Katherine Higel leaving, it's not so much my fave show...

My other Fall pic are these...

Fall Scarves! Fun!! 

On another note...........

My top 2

Right now are.....

Okay.....sooooooo......While staying at the "W" Hotel in San Diego, I became infatuated with one of these.....

It's a Henry Kloss Tivoli Audio Model Three Radio clock. Why do I like this thing so much? All I can say is when I saw it on the nightstand at the hotel, I told mister wonderful that I Just had to have one! You can hook your I Pod up to it too and play music from there! It's just so modern and contemporary looking!  At the hotel, ours had a sticker on it put there by the hotel that said, if we whisked one away, that it would cost us 175 dollars. Mister Wonderful and I are kinda wishing we did take it with us because we looked it up online and it costs over 300 dollars!!! Wowzers!!!

My other really want badly item is this silly yellow sweater.. It's sold at a store called Ruche which i had never even heard of till another fellow blogger posted it!!!! I must be slow LOL 
Sadly though this happens to be sold out at the moment boooooooooooo :( sad face.



  1. I got addicted to Grey's a while back but I'm with you, I can't get into it anymore. -- LOVE that cardigan! :)

  2. I am excited for to watch My Generation, I think it looks really good! LOVE that sweater! And I would have FREAKED out if someone would have flipped me before I was ready in the water...I had a similar incident like that when I was little and was in a pool at a hotel that we were staying at while on vacation, you know how the bottom slopes down as you go deeper? Well, my foot slipped and I went under and fought to get back up to the top....traumatized.

  3. I LOVE scarves too :) I also love Ruche...they always have lots of cute things!

  4. OH scarfs are the best :) Great pics girl!


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