20 September 2010

To Personalize or not to personalize...

So I have been huge dork for the last 2 weeks.
Why you ask?

Probably because I have creeping drivers out on the road in the morning on my drive to work.

How you ask?
By taking their license plate photos for this blog entry! LOL

I recently got my second personalized License plate. AZ charges outrageous fees for plates and stickers...but as far as the personalization goes, depending on which AZ plate you pick, it's not too much more to get it personalized! My first personalized plate was my nickname C MAE. Sadly, I lost my plate when my brother bought my car from me and I had to get Colorado plates for a year. That year came and went thankfully, but my plate wasn't back in the AZ system for me to have again, so I had to pick something new!

Me personally, I like having it personalized. Helps me find my common car (honda) in a parking lot a lot quicker!

Here is what I managed to find driving on the road. Sometimes they are easy to decipher and others you are like WTF why would they put that? or What does that one mean I don't get it....

Was this suppose to say Hobanaro? Spanish? 

Just today I saw 2 cool plates but they were to far away while I was behind the wheel to snap their pictures... One said

EZMON (think Jamaican mon) LOL

then I saw K9MOMMY
I saw ME ME ME 
Pretty funny stuff!

Do any of you have a personalized license plate, or haven't you seen any clever plates?
Do share!

xo Lovelies!



  1. Im with not! Ive just never been a fan! I dont know ...

  2. Totally funny! Love you created a blog post out of this!

    New to your blog! Very cute!
    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  3. I love trying to find vanity plates and figure out what they say...though I tend to be off with my findings:)

  4. Oh my gosh, the other day comin home from work I was behind an SUV that had "HAITI 1" on their plate... I wanted so bad to follow them (in the most non-creepy way if that's possible) just so I could ask what it meant!

    I have a Colt's license plate, so it's got a bit of personality since I'm a big Colt's fan, but I didn't actually pick the numbers/letters

  5. Haven't figured out MUZKLVR... I keep thinking cleaver. Meat cleaver. hahaha. Love this, if you choose something, you'll have to let us know!!

  6. haha how long did it take you to get these pictures? fun post


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