17 September 2010

Friday nuff said!

Fill in the Blank Fridays
When I get a day to myself, I like to...
Watch movies. I LOVE movies. old ones new ones. You name it. I try to spend much time with my pup, mister wonderful as they are usually around on my days to myself! :)

High School was...
Not something I'd like to ever experience again. I went to school with some pretty stuck up rich kids. School was hard for me, as was making friends my Junior year because we moved and I had to start all over. yeah note to future parents, don't ever yank your kids mid years in HS!!!

Kids are mean. MEAN MEAN. Probably why I'd never teach older students. Most of them deserve a good spanking and mouth washed out with soap for their spoiled antics and choice of words when speaking to adults or other kids their age. Foul!!

A little dream I have is...
to get caught up on bills and start putting back what I spent this summer out of my savings for my big move!

A big dream I have is...
to one day be married! (hopefully to mister wonderful! )

If I could drive any car it would be...
My Honda! Who doesn't love a Honda!! Reliable!!! I love my digital speedometer.
I think infinities are pretty sharp. A few years back I would of said a Nissan Zzzzzz :)

A time that I felt really & truly beautiful was...
um..............when I'm maintaining my weight? Don't feel so pretty when I'm a few pounds over on that scale of mine I swear it lies to me daily!!

Yeah it doesn't say that now! (try 130! ) Tear....... :(
Tomorrow I will...
Hopefully go hiking if I feel okay....

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  1. Yeah, those older kids can be brutal. When I was a substitute teacher I always requested elementary...but I would take what I could get. So I did junior high and high school sometimes and I couldn't believe the way these kids would talk.

    Happy Friday

  2. i totally hear you on the scale thing... we all have our happy weight ranges and it's much better to be there!! that money picture is SOOOO neat--very fun idea! have a great weekend sweetie

  3. I love my Honda too! It's ten years old and still runs great :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. i'm with you on #1!!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Im sure the scale is always nice to you! YOur gorgeous!

  6. You look great! No need to worry about your weight I think your gorgeous! (:


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