08 September 2010

Padded Padded Padded

I don't know about all you ladies out there, but when I find a bra that I love, I wear it till the endddddddddddd

As in, the straps have lost their elasticity and no longer hold the girls up! LOL
I haven't bought a bra in probably 2 years now. Although pretty colors are fun, I really find my self wearing Tan/nude/beige color bra the most. (I cannot stand when women wear a whiter than white bra under a white top.) It practically screams LOOK AT MY CHEST! LOL Enter nude people!

I am becoming less and less of a fan of Victoria's Secret Bras.

In my OPINION (hey this is my blog and how I feel!) I think they aren't worth the money. I think their sizing is off, and don't last as long. ( Yes of course I never throw them in the dryer and always wash them on the delicate cycle.) When I go to Kohls, most of my bras are 32B or 34A. Yes, I know, I am not at all a big girl, but to be honest I like it that way! I love the fact that I can wear an XS tee shirt and have the girls fit just fine in them!

I have done the whole get measured by a sales associate there, and EVERYTIME i've been measured they are way offff....

I'd say I have probably around 4 VS bras. They are 34 As but in my opinion, I think are BIG.

I noticed that just about all the bras out there are PADDED and heavily! Push em up! Pad em up!

What's up with this? Really you want to give the illusion that you have an even bigger chest when you don't? you want people to stare and your pushed up ta tas? Might as well go back to stuffing them LOL. And what for? If a guy takes your bra off I mean hello he's gonna see your "real" Size!!!

Maybe I have just slipped into the comfort is more important than looks dept when it comes to bras. Who knows. I still have my fun lacy bras yes, but they usually rest in the back of my dresser drawer because they aren't practical for everyday wear.

I wanted to find the clip of "What Ever Happens in Vegas" where Cameron Diaz wears a comfort bra to work and Ashton questions her about it...but of course in true UTUBE fashion, I couldn't find it..:(

So for now, I'm stickin with these....
The lace actually smooth so it doesn't show under a tight top at all. Clever clever!

What do you think?  Are generic bras Just as good? or VS bras only?



  1. You make me laugh! I LOVE this post. SO true!

  2. HA HA HA!!! I remember in Jr. high and HS I use to buy the most padded bras known to them.. they basically came WITH boobs!! and I always dreaded getting a boyfriend because eventually they would realize it was all an illusion! My roomie bought the bombshell bra from VS and I tried it on.... Holy crap.. I was basically choking myself.. not a huge fan!!!

    Love your posts! They always make me smile :) You are one of my favs!!

    Have a great day! :)

  3. I love the VS teeshirt bras. No padding but great support. And like you said, once I find a good bra, I wear it until it dies! Hahaha

  4. I personally love all my VS bras :) I always wear a nude bra too that way it will always go under any color top!

  5. I'm with yah!!
    I don't like VS' bras either. That used to be all I bought until I realized I can get ones for way cheaper that fit me way better from like JC Penny's or Kohls!

  6. hi! i just found your blog :) sounds like we write for the same reasons... journaling! i wrote in a journal EVERY NIGHT from 2nd grade on, until about 3 years ago. I am now 28- needless to say, i also have a baJILLION notebooks, diaries and journals that i tend to dust, read and re stack and tuck away... can't wait to read your stuff too! thanks for all the shares. xo -A

  7. Haha, we are the same exact bra size and the victorias secret ones never fit me either! All my bras are calvin klein which fit me way better (although i must admit, i do own ONE vs strapless that i do really like). As for the push up issue, sometimes i like having a some cleavage but i'm just as comfortable going completely bra-less, which is a luxury my 32D best friend is quite jealous of.

  8. Everything is so true and I just had the exact same convo with another blogger about bras! She ended up with Target bra which I think is totally worth it. I'm hating VS bras! Ugh they always wear out to fast especially their strapless.

  9. I'm also not a big fan of VS bras, currently I own two. I just don't think their worth the cost, especially when I've found bras that fit better and cost less.

  10. Most of my bras are from Victoria's Secret. I have pretty big breasts, so being padded doesn't really do me any good. Besides, a lot of my bras from VS, are not padded, just the push up ones. I can't give you an accurate opinion how long they last, since I don't wear mine for that long. So sorry you hate VS, I love VS bras, and all their other items!

  11. Okay I have to agree with you. I've been wearing VS bras for years and I have a lot of trouble finding the right size. I'm smaller like you and I can't ever find a bra that fits! It's like the top of it pokes out or something it's so big, and it's supposed to be the right size? I recently got the very sexy push up because I've heard a lot of good things about it and I like it okay. It doesn't have a lot of padding but it still fits weird!


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