28 September 2010

And the new Bachelor is.....

HOLD THE PHONE!! How many of you read Yahoo today and saw who our next season's bachelor is going to be!?!?! 

Y'all know I'm the biggest fan ABC has for watching all the Bachelor/Bachelorette episodes right?

well today, on ELLEN, there was a special guest by the name of Brad on. Yeah, that's right Brad Womack.
Womack, 37, appeared on the show's 11th season in 2007, angering fans when he left the final two women, DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft, heartbroken by not choosing either of them.

Did y'all get that? for the first time in ABC history, they are having a BACHELOR they have already had, on AGAIN to find love! Woop woop!!!

Come on Brad I hope you pick a gal this time dang!




  1. ohhhh no. I sense some deja-vu when tuning in!

  2. i guess they are running out of ways to "keep it fresh" ... ohwell, i quit watching the bachelor/bachelorette a few seasons ago... cant complain if you dont watch, right??

  3. THANK you for updating me on this because I too LOVE the show but I am not sure how I feel about this haha...Brad: thought he was EEEeeeZZZzz on the eyes, the accent - being a southern myself - ohh man....but iooono hahaha

  4. I really can't believe they are giving him a re-do! But I do like him, and believe he's genuine, especially because he didn't pick someone just to do so, the first time around. Let's just hope he finds true, lasting love this time!

  5. I think this is nuts! Why and what are they thinking? What if he does it again? Ugh, I am not a big fan of this idea!
    If he hasn't found a woman since the show, I think he may have some issues deep down. Why would a woman want to be with someone who doesn't really know what he wants?!
    KK, I will stop, I just don't agree with ABC and I am a huge fan...

  6. I really hope the "process" works this time for him!! I really hope he finds a wife! Its crazy that they only tape for a month and a half but its worked for a few now...


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