13 September 2010

Favorite Shows of the Past

Have you ever...
Been hooked on a show and the show just doesn't make it?

I used to LOVE watching the WB's Young Americans

I Love Kate Bosworth.

I liked the story lines. But sadly, it didn't make it.

And in case you never saw the show....here's a little FYI about it!
Status: Ended Premiered: July 12, 2000 Last Aired: September 7, 2000 Show Categories: Drama, Soap

Created by "Dawson's Creek's" Steven Antin, "Young Americans" was a fresh summer hit show and also a spin-off of "Dawson's Creek." Will Krudski starts school at Rawley Academy and tries to catch up with the fact that he's out of his element. His roomate, Scott Calhoun, longs for Bella Banks, a local girl that Will has known his entire childhood.

The fun part of the show was learning that Bella and Scout had the hots for each other, and then a twist occurs in the story where they find out they may be half brother and sister.

What was a show you were lovin that got cancelled?



  1. Oh my goodness...I totally remember this show. I LOVED IT!! There were two shows that were canceled that I really loved. One was the Black Donnellys...it was on like four or five years ago and was about these Irish brothers in NYC. I was addicted. Another was the recent show Flash Forward. I loved that one as well.

  2. First off, is that the guy from Vampire Diaries? Love that show. I miss Roswell, that show was great!

  3. I loved Samantha Who? and it got canceled after 1 season or something like that. BUMMER :(


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