13 September 2010

Aspen waiting for me.

Everyday I feel a bit like Timmy aka (the timmy on the show called Lassie)

I come home from a long day of teaching and EVERYDAY, Aspen, is in our bedroom, waiting for me in the same exact spot. She will lay right here in the window and watch people, neighbors, dogs walk by, but of course none excite her till the one she really wants to come by MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

I am so blessed. I really do have the sweetest dog ever.

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  1. That is SO cute! What a sweetie she is :)

  2. Oh my goodness the video was too CUTE! What a sweet pup:) I love your blog, and why you blog!

  3. New follower here!

    She is such a cute little pom!! Love the video :)

    ( my pup is half pom :) )


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