11 September 2010

Happy Birthday Mister Wonderful the big 30~ :)

Today, September 11, 2010 
 Nope sorry no post here about what happened 9 years ago today. This may come off as harsh, but really America--it's time to move on. 

Do we hang flags half mass on D day? (Dec 7th) aka Pearl Harbor attacks? Or the days that 6 million jews were executed by Hitler? All I'm sayin is we can never heal if we don't GET A MOVE ON with moving on with our lives.  Yes, it hurts what happened. But it was NINE years ago. We need to see the big light at the end and look at the positive! No one attacked us today! That's a plus right? I don't wallow in sorrow every December 7th (which is the day my mom passed away 15 years ago. ) How does that help me get on with my life? it's like that saying Forgive and forget...sure you'll always remember but does the whole world have to feel bad? uh...no!

So, As I was saying. Today is Sept 11th......AKA

Mister Wonderful turned T H I R T Y ! ! ! Of course, he doesn't look a day over 23 :)

I bought one of those big Giant Cupcake pans. I first saw the idea in a skymall airplane magazine when I flew to Vegas back in June. Then one day I took a wrong turn at Michaels in a different asile, and wham! Saw the Giant cupcake pan! It works just great!

Mister Wonderful turned 21 on Sept 11, 2001 when 9/11 happened. Since then he has always felt like he can't have an enjoyable birthday because everyone is so stuck on what happened. Can't even imagine turning 21 on such a horrific sentimental day....poor guy. thus, I had to make sure he had a good Bday today.



  1. happy birthday to your man.

    9/11 is my birthday too, i was 16 on the actual day, it was pretty miserable, i opt to celebrate all of sept instead, that way if the actual birthday isnt eventful i've got a full month of celebrating to make up for it :)

  2. Happy Birthday Mister Wonderful!


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