25 September 2010

Movie Marathon :)

The only good thing about Mister Wonderful being gone all weekend was C Mae time to catch up on chick flicks!

I rented this on I tunes.

Letters To Juliet

In my opinion, don't rent it! So silly over the top not believable in the slightest when it came to the love story or connection between Sophie and the lead male. Corny Corny Corny.

You Again

worth seeing in the theater. Not really one you take your boyfriend to or husband for that matter! Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigorney Weaver look FAB for their ages. Betty White of course steals the show esp with an ending scene with Cloris Leachman!

Easy A.
I am always hesitant to see High school aged movies. Especially when you know the majority of the audience is kids in the theater (the age that I can't stand) I say that because it's always the High schoolers that are loud, on their cells during movies..etc etc..
So anyway, my good friend Val went and saw it alone the weekend before and liked it so much she said it was a must see! I totally agreed!!!! It was hilarious and I laughed my a#@ off!


This was to me the funniest part in the movie Prolly because of how much I love this song and how "Olive" acts like she despises the song, then becomes in love with it!

Next up...

Can't wait to see this one....
I had to watch Wall Street in HS for my History class believe it or not. The famous Greed speech even got tested on it! ha! Anyway, I may need to watch the first one again before I dive into this one. I applaud Michael Douglas for making a sequel all these years later! Did you know his dad Kirk Douglas is 92 and STILL in the business? Yep! (that tid bit via The david Letterman show the other night with Michael was on it! )



  1. These weekends are sometimes the best and much needed! :) I have those movies on my list to watch too! :)

  2. I've heard a few people say Easy A was pretty good. I'll have to check it out. We're hoping to see The Town today. :)

  3. i also LOVE easy A, so funny!!!
    Letter to Juliet: i redboxed it this weekend and decided to "fall asleep to it", very boring i do not plan on rewatching this one, bleh!
    i look forward to seeing You Again, i think it looks good!

  4. Loved this movie recap. I need to catch up on SO many flicks!

  5. yess! I changed my layout! Thank you for noticing :) And that's one of my favorite quotes.
    I went and saw You Again last night and I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but let me tell you it was HILARIOUS! Let me know what you think when you go and see it!

  6. A friend and I saw Easy A last week - it was GREAT :)

  7. Love all the movie reviews!! Glad to know what are worth the money to see now that it cost 20 bucks to go see a movie, lol:) I will be stuck at home alone later part of the week, so I might make it a chick flick weekend:)

  8. i'm sooooooo looking forward to seeing Wall Street too!!!


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