18 September 2010

Current Currency

If these money makeovers weren't enough, The Dollar ReDe$ign Project has even circulated a petition to get the U.S. government to seriously consider their ideas.

Me personally, This is the ONLY one I really like because it changes the dollar without really changing to much.
I do think it would be a great honor to have something in our currency to have Martin Luther King Jr. on a bill/coin SOMETHING!
Obama on a bill? Pass. No way. Not diggin that one.

 There were SOOOO many comments on this article I thought I would share how our fellow Americans feel about our current money/economy/President and what they think about Losing the words "IN GOD WE TRUST" on what this very nation was founded on.

Comments I thought that said valid points

"I believe that the American dollar is already one of the hardest to counterfet and historically easiest to recognize around the world To drastically change the look would make it feel untrusted in some foriegn nations. As far as the image on our bills we as a country have a long standing rule (law) against picturing any living person on our money or stamps. We as a country like to see how history sees a person before bestowing such a honor."

"It's Extreme Makeover - Legal Tender Edition! Nice to see there are still real thinkers in America. Frankly, it never occured to me that we could revitalize the economy by pouring resources into cash redecoration. I wasn't even aware that our money was outdated. Gosh, I've been using it as a teaching aid with my child! How embarrassing! Using broken down cash, in bad need of repair... I hope she'll forgive me one day. Now I realize if money looked more like oversized commemorative postage stamps, or event tickets, it would be much more useful in the classroom! Although I anticipate I will be so much more likely to go out and spend it, 'gasp' thus stimulating the economy...I GET IT NOW! I really won't want to keep a single bill that comes my way! And I bet our founding fathers will rest easier that the country which looks to be rejecting the bedrock ideals of liberty and responsibility on which it was built is also happy and eager to remove the images of them who helped us secure the same rights and freedoms that make it possible for us to destroy ourselves. This is big. This is huge! Best idea ever!! So. Very. Proud. To. Be. An. American. Well, I was before I saw the news. And I suppose I shall be again once the shock wears off."

"And who is gonna fund all these new dollar bills, The Federal Reserve. Don't we owe them enough as it is, not to mention the dollar bill isn't worth as much as it should be."

"Not to get into a long controversy here, I am not a religious person, but a person who appreciates history and what our country was built on. Our Country was built on the faith in God and believed he brought them prosperity. I believe by taking this off our currency shows that we are willing to remove history from this country. A wise man once said, "Forget history and history will repeat its self." We are currently facing Iranians that want to say the Holocaust never happened. In our hearts we know it did and luckily we have pictures to prove it. By removing "In God We Trust" from our country we are setting our selves up for a over run of Communism. Be careful for the reasons you want change. Change can come back and bite you in the butt." 

"I'm concerned about that we are more interested in designing new bills than actually improving the value of the bill. I don't think it is financially feasible at this time to redesign the current currency and then to actually put a presidents picture on it that has done nothing but drag us further into debt is ridiculous. I understand that we were gradually redesigning bills to make them harder to counterfeit. But a whole overall of all the currency at this time is uncalled for. If the money isn't worth the paper and ink and expense used to print it what does it matter what it looks like."

If you wanna learn more check out the Yahoo news article here

Which of these designs is your favorite? You think we should spend our time revamping money that is fine the way it is?  Your Thoughts my lovelies!



  1. Ridiculous. Those bills look like play money. I don't think any people that weren't presidents should be on our currency, and they had better been great presidents! I say no to this!

  2. I'm not diggin the multi colored ones. I agree with you, that first design is the only one I like.

  3. no, it was her first time swimming and she was a natural!

  4. wow this is crazy! I agree, it would be nice to honor some people by incorporating them into the currency, like MLK junior, but the rest looks a bit extreme and so weird!

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