20 November 2011


Erin over at Living in Yellow is hosting this link up so I thought I would participate. 

She did hers as "25 things",  & Since I'm 29, I figured I'd go the extra mile for my age and tack on a few more tid bits.

If you are a new follower, welcome and enjoy! If you are an oldie but goodie, I hope I don't sound like a broken record! I'll try to come up with things you don't' already know about me! 

Contrary to belief, I live a drama free life. GASP! Say what? Yes, lovelies, I really can count my "true" friends on one hand and am proud to say that with age, High School B.S.  has no relevance in my life. 
I am saddened that people like to judge my exterior so much and think up suck wack lies about me. I guess whatever floats their boats? 

Teaching is my whole world. DUH as if you didn't gather than from my blog. No really, if the arts were to be cut from schools across the 50 states, and I would be come jobless, I really wouldn't want to do anything else with my life. I love my career choice THAT MUCH. I'm happy when I go to work, and happy when I leave. Not many people can say that. And if they do, they are probably lying to you, or really feel otherwise! :) (okay, or they are the one percent like myself that do actually love their career!)

I totally thought I'd be married with kids by now. And ya know what? I'm really glad I'm not one that felt the need to "conform" to societies hidden rule of you must be married with a kid before 30! I'm happier than I've ever been, so to me, that's all that matters!

I am one of those that believes that a guy and a girl can't really be "just friends" (if they are both single) Now if one or the other are married or both are married, then why of course they can be "just friends" :) To many personal experiences say otherwise not only from my experience but from even previous ppl I've dated and their behaviors! 

I am Team CHRISTINA not team Britney (don't hate Raven don't hate!) 
I have always been since her Genie in a bottle days. And I LOVED her last album Bionic, which totally would of been a hit had they promoted it more! Poor X tina on the AMA's last night. That was one Genie that doesn't fit in her bottle anymore. I don't know what happened to her..

I'm a book snob. ( I buy mostly hardbacks)  I will never own a kindle or nook simply because I LOVE holding, turning smelling the pages of books; both old and new! 

biggest fear is to get cancer and lose all of my hair. For reals y'all. 
That's how much I love my hair. I fear my life would be over if that ever happened. 

I wish a few followers (more like blog stalkers who talk smack about you and how they really feel about you on another person's comments/wall would do me a favor and QUIT FOLLOWING ME) The second I found that out I de-followed at least 5 peeps. Okay. End rant. 

I find myself getting really annoyed by people's lack of intelligence in 2 places. 1 is while driving. 2 is while in church ( people's lack of manners IE chewing gum in church, screaming babies that parents are SO rude and don't remove them so others can actually hear Father give his homily, oh the list goes on) I swear I am working and praying for myself not to get so worked up by ppl I don't even know! 

I used to NEVER eat breakfast. Until like five years ago. Not sure what happened, found myself feeling sick and shaky as if I wouldn't make it to lunch some days, so I started to eat in the AM. I call it "getting old" the teeny bopper stomach grew. haha. 

Yellow is probably my favorite color in a house, but I find myself wearing black and pink the most! 

I chew gum CONSTANTLY. It gets me through the day. since I don't drink soda or coffee, it's kinda like my caffeine.

I get really annoyed when people say the "S" on the end of Illinois. I'm from Illinois and I will correct you! 

I unfollow blogs often and yes I don't feel bad about it. If you haven't blogged in months, I'll assume you dropped dead, and I will unfollow. If your blog turns into a I'm pregnant and every post from here on out is about the baby baby baby I will unfollow. If I just can't relate to you anymore, I'll probably unfollow. I wish bloggers would not take it personal, I know I don't when my numbers go up and down.  The upside is if you decide to start blogging again, then I usually refollow! :) 

I don't like death metal music. I don't consider SCREAMING into the microphone "singing" let alone music

I actually got my driver's license at 17 not sixteen (Parents idea) which I totally support. I honestly think 16 is a little young seeing how driving is such a huge responsibility! 

was how Old I was when I had my first "boyfriend". 

I take great pride that I know a lot about dogs. I used to show my dog (not Aspen, but my childhood pet/family member) in AKC dog shows! People can "hate" on me for this, but frankly my dear, I don't give a damn! 

I have never been to any country other than Mexico. I'd love to go to St. Martin in the Caribbean! 

I would say my going out days ended when I turned 26-27. I just stopped caring about being "out" and bar hopping. It gets real old real fast. So glad I met Mister Wonderful when I was 28! :) 

I have no motivation to go to the gym by myself and usually don't unless MV goes with me! 

I am not close with my parents and I'm okay with that. Why can't others be? Just because you are close with your family doesn't make me "odd" or less "loved" it's just how we are with each other! 

I haven't lived at home since I was 18. I moved away from IL when I was 18. Lived in Ohio for four years of college. Been residing in AZ for the last seven. Any questions?

I do not shop for clothes at walmart or target. There I said it. I'm a clothes snob! (No, I don't wear Gucci brands or things of that sort, I think the most expensive piece of designer anything I own are my burberry purse and scarf! )

I cannot sleep in any position cept the running man on my stomach position. Isn't that weird? haha

I used to wear socks year round till about a year and a half ago. True story. I had foot/toe surgery which I think I blogged about. You'd have to check the archives to get the whole story on my one toe . 

I never take my cell phone to the gym, to the dinner table, or look at it durning a movie. It's called etiquette people! (the gym it doesn't go with me bec I like to actually focus on my workout not playing on my phone)

I'm left EVERYTHING. Handed, eat left,  sleep on my left, write left, kick left, which means even though I am left, I am on the RIGHT side of the mind! 
Mister Wonderful is a lefty too. We hope someday that if we have kids, they will get the lefty gene, otherwise we will have no idea how to help them write or bat "righty" haha

{twenty nine}
If there were one thing I'd want to fix or have a redo about in my life, it would be to go back to 3rd grade when math got "hard" and not give up when learning those multiplication facts! 

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  1. this is such a great idea! i did a random thoughts post a few days ago, but i might do this one all about me. anddd how adorable do you look in your where the wild things are tshirt?! you just made my fellow teacher heart happy :)

  2. I love all these things and am totally with you on quite a few of them! :)

  3. I totally was team Christina too! And i HATE it when people have their cells at the dinner table!

  4. great list! love your wild things t*shirt and I love St. Maarten, we went there on a Royal Caribbean cruise and I wish we could have spent more than a day there. So beautiful

  5. I hope those rude commenters DO stop following! Not cool :(

  6. that's a cool post!!! and I'm a lefty as well- they are the best :-)

  7. I love yellow in a house too! and I sleep in the same way =]

  8. Thanks so much for linking up girl :) I have no idea how I have never come across your blog before but I am SO glad that I have!! I cant wait to keep reading..you are beautiful!


  9. my hubs and i are both left handed too and hope are children are as well! so funny, we have this on going joke about sitting on the left side of the table so that we can eat peacefully w/o bumping elbows (which doesn't matter since we're both lefties, jic that was too combobulated to follow)

  10. I love this! Totally just learned so much about you :) I love Christina. I used to be a Britney girl when they both started their music careers but quickly changed over to Christina. I looove her and still think she looks beautiful! What a voice that girl has!!

    The "s" on the end of Illinois is probably one of the most annoying things ever. I don't understand WHY people pronounce it! Also, my parents didn't allow me to get my license until I was 17 and I also think it was a great decision :)

  11. I love this idea! And i totally agree with you about the book thing. I wanna turn ACTUAL pages, not scroll or click on an e-reader to turn pages haha.

  12. I love all of your 29 facts, but hate the fact that people are talking about you behind your back. Not cool. Isn't this blog community supposed to be a positive thing?

    Oh and I tend to sleep in the running man position most of the night (unless M is visiting and in bed too)

  13. Awwww, I love this!! I'm a lefty, too!! And seriously, my mom won't get a Kindle for the same reason!! She wants to "feel" the books!! Haha! I love it!!


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