10 November 2011

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Annie was my favorite movie for a good chunk of my childhood. Besides giving me many new favorite songs to belt, it also led me to romanticize being an orphan. Here I was, a happy 7-year-old from a loving and stable home, claiming that I wished to live in a Great Depression era orphanage. Where things like typhoid and neglect and coal dust and bedbugs abounded. I would make my friends play orphanage with me, and we’d set up rows of pallets in my room and wrap ourselves in blankets and sing about the parents we wished we had. Then my mom would call us down for dinner. 

Oh Annie. You get me every time with your plucky red-headed optimism and cuteness!

For those of you who don't know, the actress' name is Aileen Quinn, who became famous for playing little orphan Annie in the 1982 film "Annie."

So where is she now? 

She hasn't done much in recent years, dabbled in broadway acting and such, but to me she'll always just be Annie. 



  1. love that pic, too funny. as a red-head, I have always adored Annie

  2. I loooooove Annie!! I used to tell my parents that I wanted to be an orphan like her! Lol.

  3. Oh...I used to love this movie!!! I haven't seen it in years...you make me want to sit down and watch it right now!

    The actress that played her is beautiful!

    Have a great day!!!

  4. LOVELOVELOVE that movie!!! Such an inspirational lil girl!

    Happy Thursday!


  5. i loved annie too;
    i love when you do this kind of blog post like a "where are they now!"=]

  6. I was just talking about all the different Annie remakes and how the one with Aileen Quinn is BY FAR the best... aka the only one I will watch

  7. obsessed.with annie. like obsessed! love this

  8. oh my world i absolutely loved this movie when i was a kid. they also made a re-make of annie with another little girl..kathy bates was in this one and i loved it also.

    i also saw annie on broadway and loved it! ahh i swear annie brings back great memories from my childhood

  9. shut...up! this post was oh so fabulous for three reasons.
    1. totally was obsessed with this movie when i was younger and would bust out all of the songs randomly throughout the day. people probably thought i had tourette syndrome.
    2. DEFINITELY used to play orphanage with my friends and little sister. seriously, are we disturbed or something. it's probably just the inner girl of us just loving drama.
    3. i'm so obsessed with IMDB and just actor research that i always want to know what childhood actors are doing now.
    ...basically what i'm getting at is, we are meant to be friends. just saying. ha
    xo TJ

  10. Oh I absolutely loved Annie!

    It was the film I was always renting out and my mum hated it so bad, so I was a contant annoyance at the video shop picking it all the time. But the film is just so great.

    I wouldn't have imagined her looking like how she does now though! I guess I still imagined her to have the amazing red frizzy hair...

    Jazz xo


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