06 November 2011

Sunday Tune

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Nickelback - 
When We Stand Together

Dear Detroit,

You can SUCK IT with your little tantrum you decided to throw about Nickelback being chosen as the performer for the Super bowl  In case you didn't hear or already know, the band was chosen by the administration of the Detroit Lions play in the half hour break most of the standard game of Thanksgiving and supporters and not the team, seemed offended enough to represent them, especially when the city gave the world great music MC5, Motown, White Stripes, Eminem, Kid Rock etc etc. 

I think Nickelback is one of the FEW bands today that still has "it"! They make terrific music and I don't deny that I love hearing them on the radio because they are a real band that make real music. 


A person that enjoys REAL music!



  1. this nickelback story makes me laugh. however, i despise them and i can totally understand the petition. i really wanted to give this song a chance, but it all sounds the same. i think that's why so many people hate them.

    should i have just bit my tongue and moved right along? probably. :-X

    i love everything else you do around here, though. i promise!

  2. I LOVE Nickelback!! And I love their new album! :)

  3. omg i LOVE LOVE nickleback!!! i have always been a fan


  4. Nickelback is one of my favs! I am patiently waiting the release of their next album :)


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