23 November 2011

Thankful for Ah-mazing Art!

 I am super stoked that my 4th grader's still life Indian corn drawings turned out awesome.
For the record, it took me FOREVER to find indian corn. I think I started to early to try and find it, then finally the last week in October, Frys our grocery store, finally got some in!
And in case you are wondering some of the pics seem dark because I took them during a Lock down (it was a drill) and we are suppose to turn the lights off (which I did) 

3rd grade learned a little about Picasso and his painting "the old guitarist" which inspired this painted paper lesson.  Needless to say the music teacher loved this lesson! :) 

An oldie, been teaching this one every year for the last seven years, FALL TISSUE PAPER TREES. Great lesson on texture. We did a rubbing with brown crayon to get the trunk to look "rough".

 Some more final products of the indian corn. 

Can you figure out where this moon face is from? I have collected so many of these, then began to ask myself, "what am I going to have my students do with it?"

 And then this idea was born. 

Give up?

The Moon head is from every pack of TRU RAY construction paper pack I have opened thus far this year! 


These are 6th Grade's still Life set up. I taught this last year to my then 6th grade kiddos, (who I think did a much better job at them) so I can really only show off two of them, since only a few have finished thus far. I have found the weakness for my 6th graders. It's learning to shade with chalk. Man oh man they didn't have a clue as to how to blend certain colors together, how to highlight or outline to accentuate certain objects. It's been real um "FUN" (sarcasm) having to go OVER and OVER these techniques. I guess their last art teacher never had them use chalk or oil pastels. 



  1. Great works of art! LOVE them!

  2. You have some very talented kids. These look like so much fun!

  3. WOW, I'm very impressed by your 4th grade class project. The corn is so perfect and festive for Thanksgiving.

    Just found your blog, following you now
    I'm doing a Versace for H&M bracelet giveaway too.

  4. What a great group of kids - they all make great art!


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