07 November 2011

Monday Blurbs

Did y'all catch SWEET HOME ALABAMA on Friday? Yes I said Friday! For whatever reason, the show randomly decided to now air on Friday night rather than Thursdays. Either way I still DVR'd it!

I've been tweeting to Alexandra from the show--she's so awesome she actually tweets back!! :)

How cute are they? You should of seen this city girl muck out the manure in this horse's stall! She put the other city girls to shame!

I'm still routing for her, although at this point I am not sure if Tribble will pick her... hmmm

This week these gals got sent packin:

Hailey aka John and Kate Plus 8 home wrecker. Too much baggage for Tribble is pretty much what he told her....

Tori--she's pretty but there was no chemistry between them...kinda blahh..so I didn't feel bad when he sent her home.

Tiffany Awwwww I really liked her, she took her own self out of the running right after the first date. She basically told him flat out she was hoping for more of a spark and a connection, but didn't feel it...Bless her heart for being honest! 

Michelle. Drama and not all that interesting to me. No way he would of picked her and I was glad to see her go! 

Ok let's see what's next.....

I started my X mas shopping and did manage to get both my Grandma and brother done. That leaves, my parents, Mister Wonderful, & my step mom's mom.....hmmm

Someone pinned this purse in Pinterest and I have been obsessing about it. A few problems though....

Here's an excerpt from a convo with Miss Kentucky Priss I had about it:

In case you didn't know, the purse was originally priced for over one thousand dollars!!! It's now marked down to $880 I believe but I gotta be honest and say I don't know anyone that owns a purse that expensive?!!? Do you? 

It's by Valentino which totally explains the astronomical price tag! 

Still........it's so cute!!!!



  1. I love that bag!!!! I would personally never spend that much money on it, but that is because I change purses way too much!!!

    I don't watch Sweet Home Alabama, but I think I should! This show is right up my alley! And...I totes didn't know that the chick that used to do Kate's ex is, oops, I mean was on there! Hilarious!

  2. i love people who actually tweet you back =]
    and that purse is to die for..but i dont think i could own something 880 dollars worthy...id be tooo nervous!

  3. Love that purse. And I've been following SHA too! Love that they tweet back. =)

    megs [at] Shine On

  4. Great bag, but I can't justify spending that much! Love the tweets and updates about Sweet Home Alabama! I have yet to catch an episode though.

  5. I think my LV was around that price...

  6. Super cute but also I think I would rather get something more for myself for that price rather than 1 thing...I like more bang for my buck..and i spill crap in my pire on my pirse all the time..with that purse I would never take it down town with the fear of getting scuffed, never set it down, never carry my lip polish in it...on and on...sure you could find something way cute for less $$$

  7. I love that you had a twitter convo with her! :) And um.. I LOVE that bag, but I'm with you.. there is no way I'd ever pay for it. I wouldnt ever carry something that expensive which would defeat the purpose.. haha.. Even if I had that much cash, I think I'd go a little weekend getaway instead of get a bag.

  8. What a gorgeous bag!! Love the color and bow addition!

  9. woah! i didn't know that homewrecker hailey was on it! i haven't watched the show but i want to start now just from your reviews of it :)

    oh and the bag is a classic but way out of my price range, sadface.

  10. I may have found a solution to your handbag price dilemma!


    It's not exactly the same, but it has the bow and is still super cute!


  11. I have not seen/heard of Sweet Home Alabama (the show), is it a reality? She seems pretty sweet, if she takes to time to acknowledge other peoples tweets. By. the. way. that purse is adorable!

  12. CUTE purse!! I am a relatively new follower--- do you get tweets back from celebs often? that is cool!


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