30 November 2011

How Pinteresting...

How Pinteresting Wed~

This hair style has been floating around on Pinterest, so this morning I decided to try it before work

Image belongs to this site

Here's my take:

Now mind you, I have medium to long hair, that is fine/med when it comes to thickness. I think a few more attempts and I'll have it down pat. :) 

Yesterday I rocked this look that is also on Pinterest
image via tumblr 

Be sure to link up with Michelle here!

But I didn't remember to take a picture before I headed to the gym last night whoops. My bad! 

And of course on top of Pinteresting Wed, I am also LOVING this wed some current art!

Break down:

Chalk Snowmen: 2nd
Wreaths 4-6th grade After School Art (Which by the way, the wreaths are a big BIA to make!!! super pain in the butt!) 

Tikis are 5th grade 



  1. i love your hair that you did; it looks great;
    those wreaths are adorable;
    and the taylor swift quote...EVEN BETTER!

  2. love that hairstyle! you can def pull it off :]

  3. Your hair turned out great! And I love the kiddo artwork...so precious!

  4. Your hair is absolutely adorable! I wish I had the hairstyling skills to recreate the look.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Love your hair, I've been wanting to try that style!

    I love seeing all the kids artwork! they are so creative!

  6. Love these hairstyles. I like how your came out too, it looks pretty! I should try this some time, I need a few new hairstyles to start doing.


  7. such such pretty hair i would never be able to accomplish that.

    and as always i love seeing all the art projects. those tiki fellas are so much fun!

  8. I love both of those hair styles! Yours looked great! My hair is med-long, thick and curly! I really love the braid, I will really have to try that!!

  9. Your hair looks great like that!
    Those wreaths are adorable. :)

  10. aw super cute! i never do anything fun or interesting for my hair. I just really bad at keeping up with it! :D

  11. Hi - I've been following you for a few weeks now, and I LOVE that you share all the art from your students. Art was my FAV in school :) SO FUN!

    I HAD to comment on this post because I am definitely rocking the SAME hairstyle today, too! (the crisscross half-up)

    I basically had to watch the youtube video 5 times to master it :) Yours looks awesome!

  12. i wish i could pull off the first hair style. my hair is med long and thin. it would never stay :(

    link up {pintervention party}

  13. Always see hair styles on interest but never try love to see that they can be done looks great!
    An adore the wreaths so cute!

    Abigail x

  14. Looks great! You definitely pulled it off!!

  15. Wow you did great! That is super gorgeous! You are professional! :)

  16. Your hair is so pretty!! It looks great how you did it :)

  17. Super cute hair :) I'm trying to grow mine out but it's raking forever lol! I really like the loose braid

  18. I'm so impressed with your hair!

  19. You did a great job with that hairstyle! It looks lovely. I also love that you posted this link-up. I was just thinking about putting together a blog post with some of my favorite Pinterest finds... Now it looks like I'll be able to do that every Wednesday. ;)

    I love when you post the students' artwork! The pictures always make me smile. Little kids get so creative.

  20. you have such pretty hair!!! love the loose braid!


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