28 November 2011

Trees, Planners and in search of this here box!

We put our tree up on Sunday. I lost 2 ornaments courtesy our lovely hard floor :( 
I smashed my 2008 Where the Wild Things Are 

and a vintage camera ornament that I got from world market last year. BOO BOO and BOO!

Ok moving on... 

Have you ever loved a purchase so much, that when you wore it out, and went to replace it, you couldn't find it anywhere? 


Case in point see below..

I bought my Franklin Covey planner when I graduated from College, from Target. I wasn't so nice to it over the lasting years, and thus it got really beat up with stains on the leather. I tried everything to get them clean, with NO LUCK. Sure, I definitely looked around to replace it with something new over the last 2 years, but as with most things, I'm PICKY! And had yet to ever find one I really liked. 

Fast Forward to present day
I had to reorder my refill Monthly pages for my planner, and I checked on Amazon.
When I typed in Franklin Covey, I was SHOCKED! Low and behold there was my old planner! In MINT condition! How the efff does that happen considering this planner hasn't be available to purchase since 05? 

Fate my friends! 

You bet cha I snatched that baby up right away! 
As much as I love my Iphone and all that it does, I am still very OLD SCHOOL and write down ALL my appointments, scheduling, things to do etc etc in my planner. 
Just as I handwrite all my contacts in my planner to in case one day I were to ever lose my phone, how would I call anyone if they weren't written somewhere to refer to? 

And lastly.....

How many of you have a HomeGoods/marshalls where you live?

How many of you have seen or recently seen this box at one? 
I would LOVE this box in white, but sadly I have checked most of our stores where I live and they don't have it! 

I am usually super good at finding things online SOMEHOW SOMEWHERE VIA the web, but no such luck with this item (and no, it's not a tory burch box as some asked me the other day)

So I thought since many of you shop often, if do you see one of these in white at your local store and trust this here fellow blogger, I would happily drop you a check in the mail for one!!!



  1. I loveeee those boxes! Whenever I have come across one there is always a chip or dent :(
    BUT I will continue to look for the both of us haha.

  2. I am the same way with some items - but I wasn't so lucky to find my exact same planner :( I LOVE homegoods - it is the best! I want to go there to get some of my Christmas shopping done! It's the best!!

  3. I love your tree! I'm always sad when something I love breaks or when it gets worn! I would replace it too! Especially if it was special to me.

  4. I have that same planner and it turned out looking exactly like yours. I ended up making a sharpie mural on it but seeing the fresh, clean, NEW one... I'm tempted to snag another one!

  5. i'm the same way with certain stuff i'm glad you found your planner that's awesome!!

  6. I love your tree! Too bad about the ornaments....we broke a few last year too. I plan on going to TJ Max this week...I'll keep my eyes out for that box!

  7. So sad you smashed your ornaments, I hate when that happens! But I do loooovveee getting a brand new planner.

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  8. Love that box! I bought it at marshalls 3 weeks ago! I will go back and see if they have anymore for you!
    I am the same way with planners...I love my iphone, but I like seeing everything written down! I love that you got the same planner 6 years later! Have a great day!

  9. SUPER CUTE BLOG, just found it! I LOVE that little white box too :) And your tree is adorable AND your dog looks TONS like my family dog who I'm in love with! SO FUN!

  10. Love your Christmas tree, so cute!

    And i'm just like you when it comes to writing things down in a planner. If i don't write things down and put them in my phone or something, i'll forget about them

  11. How pretty is your Christmas tree! I have had a planner for a few years now... its tattered and dirty but I cant find the exact same one so I havent gotten rid of it yet. xo


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