28 November 2011

HEY you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gang's All here! 

Where are they NOW? 
Goonies Edition! 

The man behind Sloth's makeup was former Oakland Raiders defensive end John 'Tooz' Matuszak, who left the football field in 1981 to pursue an acting career. He died of heart failure at age 38 (drug overdose) 

He has done some acting throughout the years with his role in Goonies and "Indiana Temple of Doom" by far being the highlights of his career. 
He did attend college and graduated from the University of Southern California School of Cinema Television.

Nowadays he is a martial artist and working as a stunt coordinator. He worked with Jet Li on "The One".

Martha Plimpton .... Stefanie 'Stef' Steinbrenner

Still very active in Hollywood, she has appeared in many films and TV shows.

Kerri Green .... Andrea 'Andy' Carmichael

TRIVIA: Kerri got the role in Goonies when she skipped summer camp to attend some movie auditions. You guessed it... she landed the role in Goonies.

Of all the main cast members of Goonies, she is the only one that does not appear in the video for Cyndi Lauper's 'The Goonies R Good Enough'.

Corey Feldman .... Clark 'Mouth' Devereaux
Where is he now?
 Did you know... That Feldman began the 1990s providing the voice of Donatello for the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Film and for the others that followed? Yep. He did. 

In 2011, Feldman also cameoed in the music video for Katy Perry's single "Last Friday Night"

After a public drug battle, he was able to get his life together and makes appearances here and there. 
He earns cool points in my book because Feldman has been awarded the Paws of Fame Award by the Wildlife Way Station for his dedication to animal rights.

Jeff Cohen .... Lawrence 'Chunk' Cohen

Um, he's definitely not a "chunk" anymore! 

Now he is an Entertainment Lawyer in Los Angeles. But he never seems to escape his Goonies past. He is always asked to do the "Truffle Shuffle". In fact, while he was a student at UC Berkley he would do the "Truffle Shuffle" during football games on the sidelines.

Josh Brolin .... Brandon 'Brand' Walsh
These days, Josh Brolin is a highly gardlanded leading man. Having amassed an impressive CV which includes playing George W. Bush in the Oliver Stone biopic W starring in the Coen Brothers' brooding cult smash No Country For Old Men. He was in the recent Wall Street movie, and also in American Gangster.

He's been in a serious relationship with Diane Lane since 2004. 

Joe was the older Fratelli, Francis, who was, it's fair to say, the brains of the outfit. Joe's gone on to star in genre defining epic The Matrix as Cypher, and the landmark TV drama The Sopranos, as Ralph Cifaretto. Or if you are like me, recognized him from playing along side Tommy Lee Jones in the movie "The Fugitive". 

Anne Ramsey .... Mama Fratelli
 In real life, Anne went on to star as another overbearing matriarch, opposite Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal in the blackly comic Throw Mama from The Train, as well as appearing in Scrooged, Meet The Hollowheads and extraterrestrial TV show Alf. Anne sadly died in 1988, aged 58, after a battle with cancer.

Sean Astin was the adventurous Mikey, who led the gang on their hunt for One-Eyed Willie's treasure, and his experience of quests stood him in good stead for his highest profile post-Goonies role, as Samwise Gamgee in The Lord Of The Rings. As well as Hobbiting it up, Sean's starred a couple of Adam Sandler movies, in 24, as well as other hit TV shows including Law & Order and My Name Is Earl. He's also a producer and director
My personal two favorite movies with him: Encino Man (1992); and the college football biopic movie Rudy.(1993)

 Probably best known as Agent Baily Malone in the NBC television series Profiler. Classically trained as a singer, Davi launched his singing career in 2011 performing Frank Sinatra classics.

He's Republican :) (wahoo) and is a devout Roman Catholic and regularly speaks of God or relates passages from the Bible in speaking. He is a frequent guest on Fox News's late-night satire program Red Eye  with Greg Gutfield.
And there you have it friends :) 
Any surprises? I know I had no idea that "sloth" was a football player in real life before he died. 



  1. OMG. My husband would DIE if he saw this. He loves the Goonies and I have never seen it, hhahaa!

  2. OMG I love, love, love this post! This was the best movie growing up, such a classic :) Your blog is super cute, so glad to be a new follower! xoxo

  3. oh my gosh i love this post!!! I loved Sean Astin in Rudy and Martha Plimpton is in that show raising hope and she's hilarious in it!! thanks for posting

  4. I am SO glad I found your blog!! I Love it!! These fun facts about all of my favorite movies are fantastic...Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, The Goonies, a Garfield Christmas - I LOVE IT! Thanks for following my blog:)


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