04 November 2011

Art Overload Friday

 My After School Art kiddos did some Abstract Straw Blowing. Always turn out cool! 

 Owls. Clay owls. Mine's on the left (the one that is lighter in color bec it has had more time to dry) I think my students are way better at clay than myself!

 I was so impressed by the drawing/creative ability my students came up with for these thank you cards!! Our PTO gal asked my students to create some thank yous for our upcoming Winter Festival! 

Happy Day of The Dead!! Nov. 2nd...More to come on the skulls from my 6th graders they are wrapping them up!! 

5th Grade's final product of BIRCH TREES. They always turn out so beautiful!!

Happy Friday everyone! What will I be up to? 
Getting All my X Mas Shopping DONE this weekend! 



  1. I LOVE the birch trees! Lovely art.

  2. Hey girly! Today is the last day to enter my blog giveaway! Come check it out!


  3. Aww I love the little skull pictures! They are so adorable :)

  4. WOW! You and your students are amazing!

  5. ahh i LOVE the owls and day of the dead skulls!! kids are so creative without even knowing it :)

  6. i love art..
    i wish i were better at it;
    are the top abstract pictures done with blowing thru a straw? we have art that looks like that at my school and we have them blow thru a straw?
    and those birch treees are soooo cool! i love it!

  7. I remember doing the straw thing! That was always so fun. :)

  8. The kids did awesome!! Love the birch trees!

  9. These are incredible! It totally makes me want to be a kid back in school again!

  10. I love love LOVE all your art projects you post! I just recently found your blog, but I really love checking out your kids art! My son is in 3rd grade and his art teacher I guess isn't as creative. All I ever see from him is a drawing of something in crayon, and he isn't excelling in drawing at all.
    I wish she would research some new ideas.

  11. You are so creative. I love your ideas!


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