15 October 2012

Sunday Dinner with..

Remember Scott Wolf? Aka Bailey Salinger on Party of 5?

He was also in the movie White Squall 

I totally forgot that he married Kelley from "The Real World" New Orleans

I was such a real world junkie when I was in HS and college. I think I stopped watching after The first real world San Diego cast aired. 

Does anyone remember her season? It was the first time ever that MTV showed Julie and her "mormon" beliefs. Back then, that was a HUGE deal! 

Anyway, how cool is it that Scott married pretty much a normal girl as in not famous actress.

You can read more on how they met here

I'd have to say I LOVED The Real World Chicago Cast--They were always picking on Tonya! 
And Kyle (the guy in the middle of the picture red shirt)
Anyone recognize him from day time tv? He was on Days of our lives for a while! He played Phillip! 

And I loved The Real World San Diego the 2004 cast.

Can anyone recall BAM BAZOOKA JOE!?! LOL


Third place fave would have to be The Real World Seattle

This cast was crazy!

Did you know....

That Sean from the Boston cast married and is STILL married to Rachel from the San Fran season?
True story! I see Sean on TV all the time! He went the politics route!

This photo was found via Google.

Danny and Melinda from the real world Austin married in 2008!

But sadly I read they recently divorced...:(

Also Season 3 vets Judd and Pam married too!

I'm not sure if any other cast mates have "Married" if I had more time I'd research it a bit further!
Which cast was your favorite!?



  1. I used to be obsessed with the Real World back in high school!

  2. OMG I used to be OBSESSED with The Real World! The drama on that show was CRAZY! I have not seen that show in ages! Is it even still on?

  3. I am STILL a RW junkie... Crazy just how many seasons there have been!! My fav was for sure Seattle and the whole doll craziness when he threw Irene's doll in the pier

  4. My old self was definitely into the earlier seasons haha ... LOVED Seattle, loved New Orleans, and loved Hawaii ... other than that, I liked Road Rules Australia with Suzy and Piggy!

  5. The Real World San Diego [the original] will always be my favorite season. My brother actually lived really close to the house while they filmed. Bam Bazooka Joe hahaha. I had no idea Scott Wolf married Kelley from New Orleans. I always just loved her!

    Danny and Melinda divorced I think three years ago or so. They were both on the current Challenge [Battle of the Seasons] and said it was the first time they've seen each other in years and that they are both dating other people.

  6. I love the Real World. My favorite was Hawaii. I miss watching that but now it's all a drunken/hook up party all of the time.

  7. Love that show! I can never keep the casts straight though! Every time I watch a challenge, I have to sit there and think about it for a few episodes before I figure out who anyone is!


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