30 October 2012


I am grateful.

With all that is brewing on the east coast right now with serious weather conditions, I am just so grateful I live the armpit part of the country where we really don't have do deal with much. (Other than the occasional haboob) 

I can't even imagine being scared to go outside or to stay inside your home knowing the roof can be blown off in a matter of seconds.

Cleveland got hit HARD last night. Several of my FB friends posted pictures and status' that made me really worried about my husband flying home in 2 days. I really would prefer him to stay and wait till the mayhem is over. 

Here's a picture of Lake Erie that a friend took while she was driving. Totally Freaky!

I haven't been blogging much simply due to being a new home owner has kept us quite busy.
Financially, we've taken a nice beating to our wallets. Minor little things all of a sudden add up to big expenses and I have definitely felt like our new home was drowning me! 

As most have said to me, 



Anyway, prayers and thoughts to all who are on the East Coast. I know if anything happened to our home I'd probably crawl under a rock and cry my eyes out since we have invested so much already. I can't even fathom having to pay for any more damages or repairs! 


I am grateful that 2 positive school related things have happened for me.

If you follow me on instagram, then you've already seen these.

On Saturday night while at work, I served a family of 4 that wrote me the kindest message on their credit card receipt 

God bless good people like this. And they were a young couple probably a few years older than my husband and I! 

Then yesterday upon arriving to work I had this put in my school mailbox:
It was a form saying that one of our teachers had donated $$ (tax credit stuff) to my art program. I was so touched. A little like this, goes a long way in the art room! 


Today I am just so grateful for good people in my life or good people I have encountered. The sad part is, there are so few left in the world that are willing to help others no matter what.

That scares me.

Be Grateful.

Happy Tuesday friends.



  1. I am so in love with this post. You are so right about how unfortunately there arent many good people around anymore. It makes it that much more amazing when you do run across them though <3 Owning a home is tough, (I wouldnt know) but you and your husband will get through all of the financial issues! So glad good things are happening to you! :]]

  2. hi! i am a new follower and am so grate for your blog! i love it and i love your heart. how sweet is that message on the receipt! people truly are good.

    happy tuesday! xox

  3. That tip/receipt is amazing! You are touching lives, even serving dinner! I am sure you will do some awesome stuff with that money in your classroom!

  4. How wonderful 2 great gifts for your art program :) i agree we should be grateful and also help others! Happy Tuesday!

  5. Thats so nice that there are nice people out there! I remember when I first bought my car, and I had just started working as a speech therapist in the schools, one of the guys at the car dealership heard that I was a speech therapist, and his son had been going to one. He offered to put on door guards on my doors for free to thank me for the work that I did and the difference that I made. Nice things like that make me believe in humanity :)

  6. Out in PA we got hit pretty bad with flooding and power outages, but our beaches, (New Jersey & Delaware) beaches got hit really really hard. My family has a shore house and we are worried about what we will find when we get down there!

  7. My boyfriend lives in Cleveland and sent me the SAME picture yesterday! They got some bad winds but it should be okay by the time your husband goes home.

  8. My boyfriend lives in Cleveland and sent me the SAME picture yesterday! They got some bad winds and rain but it should be okay for your husband to go home!

  9. As a former server and bartender, I know how wonderful that is. I sat and talked to a family once for a few hours while they ate, and they told me they had a son applying to law schools, so I told them how I was finishing my last semester. They left me $100 with a note saying they were proud of me.

    I wish more people realized how far random words of kindness went.

  10. What a nice treat to find those two people. More people should be willing to donate to furthering childrens art classes! They are SO important.

    How did it go last year when you were selling notecards? Perhaps you can do something like that again before the holidays. Or maybe have the kids paint on tiles to make coasters and sell them on etsy by telling people that the proceeds go directly back into the classroom. Not that you have a ton of time lying around, but perhaps you can grab a parent volunteer to help organize something like that.

  11. love when people realize a little goes a long way..

  12. I totally relate to the sentiment about the hurricane. While we have tornados here, I'm grateful we don't have to deal with hurricanes. My friends have all been posting photos on fbook, too, and it just blows my mind. My friend in Europe seemed a little detached from it all since she doesnt live here. I was watching it NONSTOP when I was wireless. And that is so freaking sweet about the tip and the donation from the other teacher! I love random acts of kindness! Makes you want to pay it forward ya know. So fantastic.

  13. Continue changes lives one day at a time ... You will be repaid above what you put in!!


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