02 October 2012

Does that make me crazy??

Linking up with Michelle's Tuesday linkup today

Okay here it goes....

does it make me crazy that I....

refuse to brush my teeth BEFORE I eat my breakfast?

In fact, I've never met anyone that does this other than me. I mean really, why do people brush their teeth, then go eat breakfast then walk out the door with food particles still clinging on their teeth? 

I don't think I'm crazy for brushing my teeth for the first time in the AM AFTER I've eaten my breakfast! I'm the one walking out of the house with a clean mouth!

Does that make me crazy that....

I already work 9 hours of teaching, plus an hour and a half of after school art class, 
that I decided to pick up ANOTHER JOB just so I can be on my feet another 5-6 hours waitressing at night?

Let me answer that one for you...haha

I'm nuts I know. But hey times are tough and when teachers don't get raises a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do! 

Does it make me crazy...

that I know every bowel movement my dog makes?

True story...

She's always "attended" or has company when she does her business.

All those apartment always on the leash years just can't break the habit! 

I don't think it's crazy, I think I'm "Smart" and attentive to my dog's health by making sure she does her "Thing" every day! 

Does it make me crazy that...

I weigh my self every day to determine what I will and won't eat each day?

I think it's normal. Others may think that's borderline OCD and eating disorder. 
Go ahead judge me. Everyone else does! 
I say it's a control tool (which I often break so then again what's the point right?)

That's all I can think of for now, I may have to add more once others post their crazies or their norms!



  1. Totally with you on brushing your teeth AFTER you eat. I don't understand doing it before, defeats the purpose if you ask me. I just had this argument with my boyfriend last week because he wakes up, goes right to the bathroom to brush his teeth, eats breakfast/coffee, then leaves..I'm like, brush your teeth again!

  2. I brush my teeth before breakfast, too! I usually don't eat until I get to work, so brushing before is a must! And no, I'll admit that I monitor our dog's poop just as much as you do!

  3. My fiance and I also brush our teeth after we eat our breakfast. Mainly because I think that it is crazy to brush your teeth and then go dirty them again and also because food tastes funny after you brush your teeth!

    1. I agree with you 100%, food definitely doesn't taste right after brushing. I learned that lesson the hard way, by drinking OJ after I brushed my teeth.

  4. Brushing my teeth is the last thing I do in the morning before walking out the door. No on wants to smell my breakfast! Also, I weigh myself everyday AND write it down. I use it as a way to monitor and know what I can eat for the day. I don't think this is crazy because it helps maintain instead of not weighing and then realizing you have gained after a few weeks.

  5. Visiting from the link up! I'm my dog's poop monitor too. But that's of course because we live in an apartment. Oh, and I weigh myself every day too for the same reason as you do. You are not alone!

  6. I am guilty of the dog thing too. Same problem... Old apartment habits.

  7. Omg I agree with you with a couple of these!! I don't understand why people brush their teeth BEFORE breakfast!!! My roommate does this and it bugs me!

    Also, I weigh myself everyday too to determine what I'm going to eat! If I've been craving something bad I decide I'm going to get it tomorrow, but then I weigh myself and I don't like the number, then I won't eat it!!

  8. i brush my teeth AFTER i eat. i don't understand brushing them before.. because then things taste disgusting.. no?
    i know my dog does the business after every meal..like legit ten minutes later ahah and because he has to be on a leash right now because of his leg. nothing is wrong with weighing yourself everyday.. haha

  9. Girl, I totally watch G dog do her thing. I mean, it's gotten to the point where I don't do it as much, but I definitely still do it. When they are potty trained on a leash, it's tough to break the cycle. When it's raining, Gracie will ONLY go outside if she's on a leash b/c it rained the entire first two months I had her and was potty training her. It's funny. Anyway, I always brush my teeth after I eat on the weekends! On the weekdays, I usually am half away and end up eating breakfast at my desk instead of at home, but otherwise I would brush after I eat. And I totally have started weighing myself a lot lately.. just so I can see how much I fluctuate. I've got to get in wedding shape!!! Also, so glad you said it was a good idea to get the photog early by the way. I was worried about that, but he's who we really want, so what's the harm in letting his schedule dictate the date?

  10. I don't brush my teeth before breakfast either!!! It makes food taste so bad! LOL!!! And yes, we know when our dog has a bowel movement. Ridic but true. We know if he has gone and if he hasn't...I'll even text hubs to ask if ace pooped. LOL!!!! Thanks for linking up!!!

  11. Umm why would anyone brush their teeth then eat? It's the very last thing I do before leaving the house, my dogs even know that once I brush I'm leaving they go into their room and lay down. Working three jobs... sounds familiar. I use to weigh myself everyday but I'm doing a Paleo/Crossfit challenge right now and my body is changing in such a weird way that I refuse to weigh myself. So either you aren't crazy or we both are ha!

  12. i only brush after i eat and headed out the door

  13. i definitely brush my teeth after eating breakfast! brushing before is just weird.

  14. I brush my teeth before I eat in the morning, but mostly because I can't stand the way my mouth feels in the morning! Then I floss after I eat breakfast (and every meal, really).


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