22 October 2012

My Weekend...

I went to my very first concert last night. That's right folks. I'm 30 years YOUNG and I've never been to a concert until last night! 

(Unless you count seeing Jason Mraz back in 2003 when he came and sang at my college BGSU for free!) 

It was SO good to have a girls night out! 

So who did I see??

I did Pink Lou Lou proud (Alison if you are reading this I saw your girl, CARRIE!)

Carrie freaking Underwood. 

I was literally no joke, "Blown Away" by her amazing vocals!

When she talked, she did sound hoarse poor thing! 

Her legs were um there best ever. So toned so gorgeous. 

But her voice was seriously heaven. 

Hunter Hayes was her opening act. Mid way through her concert he popped out and sang a very mini short duet with her! The young girls went wild over this 21 year old guy!

This was her opening song! :) SO great!

Her closing song!

NOT my voice that you hear picked up on the sound ( bruised my vocal chords a few years ago and have never been able to sing since :( )
And with that my friends, I must leave you since I have to be up and ready to teach in 6 hours eeek!



  1. dang, girl. you have been missing out. concerts are amazing & i hope you go to more. they make life so much better!

  2. First concert?! How fun! I had a few friends last night who went to the concert as well! Oh so jealous! :) Glad you had a great time!

  3. Where have you been hiding all these years girlie? You have missed out on concerts... Yes I do agree Allison would be so very proud of you. She loves her some Carrie Underwood! As for Hunter Hayes I love that 21 year old boy why can he not be older? sigh :( Glad you had fun though. YaY for a fun girls night!

  4. What a fun girls night out! I can't believe it was your first concert - what a great one though!

  5. I can't believe that it took you this long to go to a concert! Now you will probably be obsessed and go to them all the time now! But I just started following you and would love if you would follow me back :)

    Have a great week!



  6. bummed I missed her last week in LA

  7. How much fun!! I would love to go see Carrie Underwood!

  8. sounds like so much fun! i love carrie, and i am sure her show is just fabulous!!

  9. well you ladies look super cute! I wish i could of gone to see carries! I <3 her

    followed your cute blog


  10. I saw Carrie in concert a couple of years ago and loved her! Newest follower and fellow Arizonian!


  11. OMG you went to BGSU? Me too!


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