10 October 2012

All the things I'm loving lately...

I am loving.....

 That I finally got a few halloween/fall decorations up! 

 This wreath is custom made via Michaels and it was half off! I said YES WAY to purchasing it! 

I got this pumpkin from Hobby Lobby. I added the "M" decal to it which was also right by the pumpkin in the store. Thanks for the idea Hobby Lobby! 

I am loving that I already got my Christmas cards ORDERED! Thank you SHUTTERFLY and their awesome specials they email me!

 I got 10 of these for free then realized that ten was probably not enough to mail to both sides of our families and need a few extra for friends! 

So then I went back and had a hard time picking the photo for the other 15 cards I needed to order. 
We went with the photo on the right (Hubs liked that one better) I think my only concern was that I was/am wearing sun glasses in the picture...

I am LOVING...

My new !iT jeans 

 And just to clarify, this is NOT a baby bump picture LOL 

This is me just really liking the way my new jeans fit!

Like a glove!

Speaking of unborn children....

I may or may not of purchased a stocking for a future unborn someday maybe child...

I couldn't pass it up. I've NEVER in my entire life purchased something for an "unborn" child hahah 

But when I saw this stocking, I couldn't help but think if we had a baby boy some day how cute would this sneaker stocking be for him!?!? 

Wow have I really become one of THOSE people? The ones that buy things for unborn kids? haha

oy vey!

I am loving...

This dinner I found via pinterest that I made the hubs make us for dinner last night.

I hate cooking. I only like the eating it part. :) Thank GOODNESS for  a husband that does ALL the cooking and LIKES it!

I am loving...

This DIY tutorial that the lovely Aubrey Kinch over at The Kinch Life shared on her blog. I seriously obsessed once I saw it involved GLITTER! As Jess over at the Kentucky Priss would say, "MUH FAVE" haha

As if my glitter keys tutorial wasn't enough!
Here's what I did 

In a nut shell:
Buy Spray adhesive and any glitter your choice of color.
But Screw off Tumbler glass.
Spray the INSIDE of the glass (the one that has the green logo on the outside)
Let dry for 30 min.

Screw back together.

*I cannot take credit for this DIY I saw it on Aubrey's blog who found the tutorial here

How mine is different:

I added the vinyl letters of my name to the glass. This glass will have to totally be a HAND WASH outside of the glass ONLY!

The irony of this whole post is that I don't drink an OUNCE of coffee yet my glass is a freakin starbucks cup! hahah

Also, DONT buy the big ass glitter container I did. Buy the smallest one. I totally over estimated how little amount of glitter would be used! 

And that friends is all things "new" in my life! :) 



  1. that dinner looks delish! I adore zucchini and squash, I hate that summer is ending and so is my free supply of them (and other veggies) from my grandpa's farm is ending haha

  2. Hey! I am a new follower.
    I love all your What I'm Loving stuff. I need to do the glitter cup. Nice idea.
    Check out my blog if you'd like.

  3. I love that you added your name! so cute!

    and I agree that stocking was too cute not to get :)

  4. I may or may not have went a little crazy at HobLob yesterday. I'm dying for Christmas because they had so many awesome things there :)

    I've been wanting to make that cup but haven't found a detachable tumblrd except for the Starbucks one :( Although I didn't call it a detachable tumbler in Google so I think I'll try again now! Thanks!

  5. Love your Christmas cards!! I just ordered mine as well, but missed out on the get 10 free~ damn! I also love yout custom wreath!

  6. love the cup so much!

    Hope you're having a great day! stop by and say hello! :)

  7. I love the wreath and pumpkin! dont be surprised if I copy you on the pumpkin! I need one for William for some pictures! Don't you just love Shutterfly? I am obsessed!

  8. I've wanted to buy things for our unborn children a few times, but considering we weren't married until Saturday, he would totally look at me like I'm crazy! Now I know I can't do it because if I do, our kid will have ENTIRELY too much stuff by the time they actually come along!

  9. OK, just a few things here hahaha
    1. We are KIND OF Scurrry because I just got an email that you commented on my blog AS I am reading yours! hahaha. Doo Dooo do do dooo

    2. I read that exact same tutorial, or one just like it one day last week and thought - I WANT to make one of those!! And it would be MUH FAV haha.

    3. Buying things for the "unborn bambino's" O.EM. GEE - however I put this in the same boat as me pinning my hypothetical wedding. Now, you just need to rope some sperm and I need to rope a man.

    xoxo Hope you had/have a blessed say, sissybelle!

  10. A glitter tumblr is in my future- that is such an awesome DIY!

  11. we have that doormat! with a "B" on it :) and haha about the notababybump picture. CLEARLY that is not a baby bump picture, mrs. tiny!

  12. I completely adore the vinyl lettering - Hobby Lobby? Where are they located in the store?

  13. I am guilty of buying things for my unborn child as well hahaha I am glad to see I am not the only one. I just found your blog and I love it, I just started my blog and would love to follow each other. I love the step by step pictures you give of the dinner you made! I can't wait to try it!

    Kallee Mae

  14. That sparkle cup is so cute! I also love how you added your initial to the pumpkin - adorable! Have a great weekend!



  15. You're so sweet, C!
    Thanks for the shout out for the glitter cup; it's been pretty popular in this blogging community lately! I'm glad you enjoyed it as I did!



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