11 October 2012

Melts my Heart

Floor vents have so much appeal when you weigh 6 lbs and don't have much hair

This photo belongs to one of my college friends, Mary Dodge. Her new fur baby addition to the family I think she named him Joe Louis  :) 

What is it about these little dachshund aka doxies or wiener dogs that make them so dang cute!?!?
Have to admit, I don't know much about this breed other than hearing people say they can be very anti social with everyone other than their owners, they can be very yippie if they aren't trained well either. I know SEVERAL of you bloggers actually are owners to this breed! What are the ups and downs? Be honest! 

Hmm owners off the top of my head--> Tracy over at Then I got to thinking...
Caroline over at Simply Smithwick 
Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition 

Did I miss anyone?



  1. We have always had one in our family. My parents have one named Chloe Mae. They are very protective but if you let them know the intruder is "ok" they are cool. They also live to snuggle.

  2. that picture is too dang cute!!!
    i think every dog can be anti-social if you don't train them properly or socialize them.
    i haven't had any problems with the ones that i have encountered. and they are just so dang cute

  3. Cassie - I am honored that you shared my fur baby on your blog! Joe Louis is 16 weeks old today and we have had him for 6 weeks.

    Last September (2011), I went on a wine vacation with some girlfriends to Essex County in Ontario. The B&B that hosted us had a miniature dachshund named Quincy. It was love at first sight. Quincy was no more than 10 lbs., but acted as if he weighed 150lbs - I never thought I could love a small breed! He followed me around all weekend and he ate up all the attention he received from us girls. I was so impressed with how social this dog was that I started considering getting a second dog - and a small dog at that.

    I found an awesome champion breeder (I was concerned about health issues) in Cincinnati and after a four-month wait, we finally got Joe!

    I have heard many many stories about how dachshunds can have attitudes, but I really think it is all about socializing and training! I travel locally for work and Joe will go with me 1x a week. I do this for two reasons...my clients LOVE IT and Joe LOVES the attention. It is true that dachshunds are very loyal to one person, but I still think we can break that mold. So far, so good! But I am anxious to hear what your more "seasoned" dachshund owners have to say. :)

  4. Awwww!! I love that picture. I have heard horror stories myself, but I grew up with a weenie dog for 15 years - then I got my max and zeus. They have their issues (like many small doggies) where they don't listen, or bark - but they've always been good to people. Zeusy isn't comfortable with other big dogs because he got attacked by one while we were on a walk and since then he's been nervous around them. They do great with my nephews though - and they are so stinking loyal to us. They are actually sitting on my lap right now!! :)

    Thanks for the shout out sweet girl!

  5. Aw I love that picture! It's funny when my sister was younger when she woke up in the morning she use to sit on the heater too!

  6. This is so cute! I'm generally not a small dog person and then I read Mary's comment. So sweet! Love that little cutie :)

  7. That picture! Too sweet! I had a dachshund growing up and she was the best! She was a little protective of me but otherwise we did not have issues with her!

  8. My family owned 2 dachshunds before I moved out and got married and I love them both to pieces! They're VERY friendly and love everyone that enters the house. One issue was that one of our pups has a bladder problem and still pees anytime he gets excited haha but they are lovely pets! Although my one of the puppies mom was NOT friendly to many people. Thankfully she liked me :)

  9. Very sweet picture! My in-laws have a dachshund and I agree with your assessment :) She is loyal to them but anti-social with others and definitely enjoys her barking :) She is precious though!


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